Budapest Tips

Getting from the Airport to the Hotel

Help from a local needed!

Getting from the Railway Station to the Hotel

Fancy taking the train rather than the plane to ApacheCon? There's plenty of options for people from the UK, France, Benelux, Germany, Austria and Switzerland!

Can someone please list how to get from the station?

Budapest Visitor Information

Where to eat near the hotel

Where to drink

Where to play

Where to stay (if the conference hotel isn't your thing)

Get out - where to visit nearby

Thinking of heading to Budapest a few days early? Or maybe staying a few days more? Beyond some great things to do in the city, it could be worth planning a day or two's exploring nearby.

Can a local please suggest what's good to see near-ish by?

Other Open Source Events

Help needed! What other Open Source events are on in Budapest at the same time?

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