Worldwide Movie Premier: FUD

Special at ApacheCon US this year, the premiere screening of the open-source focused movie FUD will happen immediately after the Lightning Talks.

Lottery Lightning Talks

These will follow the format of the OSCon Perl Lightning talks: Each presenter will be given exactly five minutes to talk about the technical topic of their choice, except no sales pitches allowed. The "Lottery" part is that upon entry, attendees will be given the choice to have their name "placed in a hat", and if your name is pulled, you will have less than 30 seconds notice to get up and give your 5 minute presentation.

To ensure a minimum number of participants, many presenters will be elicited before the presentation. This means we need YOU to be prepared to give a talk! You shape the flow of this session with your participation! Past experience has show the hat will be full.

This is a regular session now after it's success in ApacheCon-US-2004 and ApacheCon-EU-2005.

See for complete details of this year's event.

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