Shane Curcuru

Shane is on the Conference Planning, Public Relations, and XML PMC committees at The Apache Software Foundation, as well as being a Member, works on this wiki, and tries to provide generally helpful information about ApacheCon, both on the websites and on Twitter too. He's also the Conference Lead for ApacheCon US 2008.

Shane hopes that if you use flickr, you'll use our various groups: ApacheCon for general pictures of the con, and ASFSwag for pictures that feature t-shirts or other ASF or ApacheCon branded swag. Be sure to tag your ApacheconPictures photos appropriately, like !ApacheConUS2008.

If you've got other ideas for sharing photos or slides, please let us know! We're working on adding new features to our conference website code to do that, along with using our Crowdvine social networking site.

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