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[DIFF] 23:06 [INFO] JonHaddad added link to cql3 docs
[DIFF] 23:06 [INFO] Antispam subsystem
[DIFF] 09:04 [INFO] achilleasa Added cassandra driver for Dart
[DIFF] 19:13 [INFO] BrandonWilliams
[DIFF] 17:19 [INFO] MichaelShuler [1]
JonathanEllis [2]
#02 r/m obsolete git-svn stuff
[DIFF] 21:25 [INFO] AlekseyYeschenko
[DIFF] 03:43 [INFO] JonathanEllis Don't batch damn it
[DIFF] 23:41 [INFO] Alexis Wilke [1-3] #01 Added a precision about a missing node when doing a "removenode"
#02 Added an entry about removing a node when the computer was physically removed (does not exist at all anymore).
#03 Fixed "providen" with "provided"
[DIFF] 03:15 [INFO] DaveBrosius minor updates due to changes

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