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"CouchDB In The Wild"

A list of organizations using CouchDB to create software and websites in the wild.

If you've built a product or a service that uses CouchDB, whether public or private, we'd like to hear about it.

Please submit a description to the couchdb-dev list, and we'll see about adding it to this page.

Your submission should preferably:

Over time, shorter entries already here may be removed to make room for longer ones.

If you'd like to expand an existing entry, please also make a submission as described above.

Editors: We're encouraging developers to describe their products in more detail so I've started an 'In Depth' section. Please add a short summary to 'Software' for now in addition to long description in 'In Depth'.


Software In Depth


Ideafy is a collaborative brainstorming and Idea management tool that combines social networking, serious gaming and brainstorming sessions into a single platform for tablets (and later all browser-capable devices).

The production environment is hosted in the Joyent Cloud, with couchdb and couchdb-lucene instances running on dedicated machines.

The server side is powered by node.js -- we use and (in my subjective view) a set of powerful libraries developed by Olivier Scherrer (emily, olives and couchdb-emily-tools : more info at to really simplify db communications on both client and server sides.


Facebook Applications

Internal Use

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