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   1 This is an example procedure for the Apache Forrest project.
   2 Others may find it useful.
   4 ------------------------------------------------------------------------
   5 The relicense task is described at
   8 Before commencing, do 'tree -d > relicense-tree.txt' which will form
   9 a listing of what sections have already been done and the issues that remain.
  11 ------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12 * Do the whole tree, a section at a time, using script.
  13 * cd to a directory as high as you dare, e.g. src/documentation/
  14 * In another window, do a practice run:
  15 -p \
  16 /path/to/svn/forrest/src/documentation forrest-avoid.txt > relicense.log
  17 * Review the summary output and grep the relicence.log file.
  18 * Investigate the files that are listed as having problems.
  19 * grep for special patterns like "WARN" and "dual license", etc.
  20 * grep "Insert new license" to see which files would have a license inserted.
  21 * You may need to add more filename patterns to your *-avoid.txt file.
  22 * Do more practice runs.
  23 * When happy, do a production run by ommitting the -p practice mode.
  24 * Again review the summary output and grep the relicence.log file.
  25 * Some files may need to be fixed by hand.
  26 * Note sections that are finished and remaining issues in relicense-tree.txt
  27 * Do a 'svn diff' and make sure it is what you expected, then 'svn commit'.
  29 * If the log reveals that there are old Apache Licenses, then use the
  30   script ./
  32 * Tweak the script to address new issues.
  34 ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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