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   1 Two more points need be pointed out.
   2 Create @ 2005-06-17 21:23:02 Fri.
   4 1, How to use.
   5 Operations
   6 	View Control£º
   7 		<space>			Reset the View point
   8 		<home>			Turn Left
   9 		<end>			Turn Right
  10 		<pageup>		Zoom In
  11 		<pagedown>		Zoom Out
  12 		<mousewhell>	Revolve Up and Down
  14 	Actor Control:
  15 		<left>			Actor Turn Left 30 degree
  16 		<right>			Actor Turn Right 30 degree
  17 		<up>			Actor accelerate
  18 		<down>			Acotr decelerate
  21 2, Others' works included in GamePrototype.
  22 This GamePrototype is depend on:
  23 	- WarCraft III, a Game developed by Bilzzard entertainment. The 3D model of actor description(called Mountain King in this game) is exported from the game data directlly.
  24 	- WarCraftIII Viewer, an open source project. I use it for reference of parsing the 3D model file.
  27 --
  28 Luo Gang

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