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[DIFF] 18:28 [INFO] ShaneCurcuru Outdated; point to cmsref.html
[DIFF] 18:26 [INFO] ShaneCurcuru Outdated; point to cmsref.html
[DIFF] 13:33 [INFO] ShaneCurcuru Note that some info is outdated and point to 2016 README, web tools
[DIFF] 18:12 [INFO] ShaneCurcuru Add useful links to /dev and projects.a.o
[DIFF] 17:53 [INFO] ShaneCurcuru Include pointers to /dev which is a far more updated and better source of information; move attic projects down
[DIFF] 00:47 [INFO] SamRuby
[DIFF] 00:30 [INFO] GavinMcDonald add Sam
[DIFF] 11:52 [INFO] SebastianBazley people.a.o => minotaur.a.o where appropriate
[DIFF] 08:18 [INFO] HerveBoutemy [1-2] #01 added notification field
#02 BUILDS jira project was shut down, replaced by INFRA with Analysis component
[DIFF] 14:02 [INFO] Antispam subsystem

Enfin, par curiosité, une page prise au hasard : PavelKonnikov/GSoC2008/roller-photogallery-proposal


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