This page is OBSOLETE. See the Developer section in the HBase book (

Working with HBase under Eclipse

Here are the instructions for setting up the HBase development environment in Eclipse (Ganymede) . This is similar to the EclipseEnvironment guide but with some changes that are specific to HBase.

Download and install Eclipse Ganymede

Configure Eclipse

Now Eclipse is configured.

Download and install the Subversive plug-in

Follow the steps for this that are outlined in the same step in EclipseEnvironment

Associate the HBase Trunk Repository

Create a Project

From the SVN Repositories perspective:

Configuring Eclipse to build HBase

As indicated in the, you should navigate to the "Hbasewrk" directory in your workspace and run "mvn eclipse:eclipse" to generate the .project file to use with HBase. You'll have to manually set the M2_REPO classpath variable by switching back to Eclipse, right-clicking on the project, selecting "Preferences", navigating to "Java > Build Path > Classpath Variables", clicking "Add Folder", and then selecting your local Maven repository (usually ~/.m2/repository").

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