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[DIFF] 10:12 [INFO] AkiraAjisaka [1]
tsuyoshiozawa [2]
tsuyoshiozawa [3]
#01 Updated how to publish documents.
[DIFF] 09:49 [INFO] SteveLoughran cut out list of suppliers of hadoop-based data stacks, as there are too few of them now
[DIFF] 19:45 [INFO] SteveLoughran + XiaoChen
[DIFF] 00:53 [INFO] VinodKumarVavilapalli [1-2] #01 Updating notes about dropping failed RC related maven repos.
#02 Updating tags related information after the recent ASF level change to push and guard tags under rel/ . And other minor edits.
[DIFF] 20:37 [INFO] SomeOtherAccount Update for Yetus
[DIFF] 20:33 [INFO] SomeOtherAccount Update for Yetus
[DIFF] 06:13 [INFO] ArpitAgarwal [1-2] #01 Link to 2.x stable release docs for NameNode HA, remove couple of outdated links.
#02 Link to cluster setup instructions in latest 2.x stable release docs
[DIFF] 06:12 [INFO] ArpitAgarwal Flag page as outdated.
[DIFF] 06:08 [INFO] ArpitAgarwal Link to NameNode HA
[DIFF] 05:58 [INFO] ArpitAgarwal Hadoop 2.7+ requires JDK7, update IBM JDK section
[DIFF] 05:41 [INFO] ArpitAgarwal [1-2] #02 Flag page as outdated.
[DIFF] 05:35 [INFO] ArpitAgarwal Mark page as Outdated.
[DIFF] 23:51 [INFO] ArpitAgarwal [1-3] #01 Remove mentions of the deprecated hadoop-site.xml. Reorder possible causes, separate out less likely causes.
#02 Fix bad markup
[DIFF] 17:16 [INFO] SteveLoughran [1-2] #01 title the new entries
#02 add ORA Hadoop Security and the "madness beyond the gate" book
[DIFF] 17:03 [INFO] SteveLoughran how can we not have anything on kerberos. Stub the page out for now

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