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== Submit your own graph ==

See [[WriteHamaGraphFile]]

This document assume that you have already installed Hama cluster and you have tested it using some examples.


  • Uses the PageRank algorithm described in the Google Pregel paper

  • Introduces partitioning and collective communication

Run PageRank on Hama Cluster

First of all, generate a symmetric adjacency matrix using the gen command.

  % bin/hama jar hama-examples-0.x.0.jar gen fastgen 100 10 randomgraph 2

This will create a graph with 100 nodes and 1K edges and store 2 partitions on HDFS as the sequence file. You can adjust partition and tasks numbers to fit your cluster. Then, run PageRank using:

  % bin/hama jar hama-examples-0.x.0.jar pagerank randomgraph pagerankresult 4

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