Developers / Users

ApacheCon is the official face to face meeting of httpd (and other Apache project) developers. While all the technical decisions defer to the mailing lists, excluding no one, it is still often helpful to the project to enjoy face to face high speed bandwidth and sharing of ideas. At the Hackathon, developers sit down to help one another and the project through the more complex puzzles. At the Sessions, users can learn from the official committers and other learned experts about specific features or solutions for httpd. The Trainings are more costly but more comprehensive classroom experiences. And at the occasional BOF (Birds of a Feather), developers and users come together to confront the challenges they face on a daily basis.

ApacheCon Europe 2014 at the Corinthia Hotel in Budapest, Hungary

Expected Conference / Meetup attendees interested in HTTPD:




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Users / Meetups

Apache is "supported" by a community of peer users. You get back what you offer up. If you are friendly in seeking help, you will find help, and you are expected to offer some back in the future. Below

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