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Email: apache-helpdesk <at> jink.net Email: gillis+apachewiki <at> jink.net


Email: gillis+apachewiki <at> jink.net

16:15 <+DrBacchus> There once was a dutchman called jink
16:15 <+DrBacchus> who had one too many to drink
16:15 <+DrBacchus> he joined #httpd
16:15 <+DrBacchus> and yelled at a newbie
16:15 <+DrBacchus> for not taking a moment to think
16:15 <+DrBacchus> \0/
16:21 <+noirin> There once was a mod_rewrite sage / Who would always help find the right page. / His patience was fabled / For the folk he enabled / Would drive anyone else to a rage!

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