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= Apache jclouds 1.6.1-incubating release issues and resolutions =

== jclouds-cli issues ==
 * Duplicate LICENSE and LICENSE.txt in source release tarball (abayer: fixed for RC3)
 * The following files still have bad headers: (abayer: fixed for RC3)
  * assembly/pom.xml
  * assembly/src/main/assembly/win.xml
  * assembly/src/main/assembly/unix.xml
  * assembly/src/main/filtered-resources/etc/startup.properties
  * assembly/src/main/filtered-resources/etc/custom.properties
  * branding/pom.xml
  * pom.xml
  * runner/pom.xml
  * runner/src/main/java/org/jclouds/cli/runner/Main.java
 * Binary assembly tarball/zip missing DISCLAIMER, NOTICE, LICENSE (abayer: fixed for RC3)

== jclouds-chef issues ==
 * Obsolete resources/NOTICE.txt and resources/LICENSE.txt, should be removed
 * Test resource JSON files - do we need them to end up in NOTICE, if they can't be changed to ASF headers?
  * ''[nacx] Those json files do not have the license headers, because they are in the src/test/resources package and are only intended to be used as test expectation data. This was already discussed [[http://markmail.org/message/pg2hxols62sfas3z|here]] and the conclusion was that the licensing creativity clause justified this. Should we change something then?''
    '''Resolution:''' No changes needed in the json files.
  * ''[nacx] It is not the file itself what is copyrighted. Those files contain the json representation (the body of a Chef REST API response) of a cookbook. So the cookbook itself has a license, and if you download the cookbook from the Opscode Community site, then you have to respect it; but those json files are just the body of a REST response, which includes the metadata of the cookbook (and its licensing information too); but it is just the Api response in json format; nothing we are re-distributing or similar.''
    '''Resolution:''' No changes needed in the json files.

== jclouds-karaf issues ==
 * Duplicate LICENSE.txt (abayer: fixed for RC3)

== jclouds and other repo issues ==
 * Everything in src/test/resources is ignored by RAT - META-INF/services, yaml, xml and properties files should not.
  * After discussion, it sounds like META-INF/services and xml files in src/test/resources will still be excluded for 1.6.1-incubating, due to the need for a fair amount of code changes to deal with headers in the services files and to move XML for test expectation comparison to separate subdirectories that we can exclude more granularly.
  * Otherwise, this is addressed for RC3 - abayer
 * DEPENDENCIES file in source tarball fails RAT check (abayer: fixed for RC3 by adding it to the rat excludes, as it should have been)
== jclouds-scriptbuilder, jclouds-compute and jclouds-chef script issues ==
 * All scripts should have headers, even if they are just script fragments used for composing complex scripts.
  * Licenses have been added to all fragments, and the ''jclouds-scriptbuilder'' will take care of removing all repeated licenses when rendering the final script. Test expectation script files, as a result, do *not* have headers.