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[DIFF] 00:32 [INFO] NaveenKumar
[DIFF] 00:30 [INFO] NaveenKumar
[DIFF] 19:51 [INFO] Milamber Add mirrors check
[DIFF] 20:30 [INFO] Milamber Apache JMeter 3.0 release
[DIFF] 06:51 [INFO] PrachiBora Adding cloud load testing service in VSTS
[DIFF] 07:57 [INFO] JMeterAdmin += PrachiBora
[DIFF] 14:03 [INFO] JMeterAdmin [1]
fschumacher [2-3]
#01 Remove items that have been completed or are obsolete
#02 Link to Idea... pages where the idea can be explained in detail and be discussed further
[DIFF] 21:01 [INFO] Philippe Mouawad [1-2]
JMeterAdmin [3-7]
#01 Add more addons
#02 Remove invalid links
#03 Add JMeter EC2
#04 Add Jenkins plugin
#05 Merge BrowserAddons page
#06 Moved from front page
#07 Link to other software page
[DIFF] 20:56 [INFO] Philippe Mouawad [1]
JMeterAdmin [2-5]
#01 Add more plugins
#03 Add jmeter-plugins.org
#04 Moved from front page
#05 Link to other software page
[DELETED] 12:50 [INFO] JMeterAdmin

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