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=== Update version ===

Update the version number using the `devel/bin/update_version` utility.


This document describes tasks which are the collective responsibility of the Apache Lucy community to complete in advance of a release.

Once everything here is done, an individual Release Manager should execute the steps spelled out in the ReleaseGuide.



The RAT report generated by Buildbot must pass: [http://ci.apache.org/projects/lucy/rat-output.html].

Issue tracker clean

There should be no unresolved issues in JIRA assigned to this release. Blockers must be resolved and non-blockers must be reassigned.

Copyright notices for files which have changed should be brought up to date. In particular, the ASF copyright notice in the NOTICE file must reflect the year of the release.

To find copyright notices within the source tree while excluding ALv2 license headers, use the following grep command:

grep -riP 'copyright (?!owner)' lucy/


The CHANGES file should be updated as necessary. (To autogenerate an initial CHANGES entry based on JIRA issue titles, feed the output JIRA's automatic "Release Notes" feature into the format_change_entry.pl script.)


The maintenance of our LICENSE and NOTICE files is an ongoing development task. It is important to review them in advance of release and verify that they are correct and complete. If the review brings any flaws to light, they must be addressed and their origins investigated.


An Apache Lucy release should build successfully on all target platforms and under all host languages.

Extended tests

Lucy should pass any extended tests -- for example, the test_valgrind build target.

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