Attachment 'pigLatinSimpleTypes.txt'


   1 -- Following line is required if zebra jar is not part of Hadoop Core
   2 register $LOCATION/zebra-$version.jar;
   4 -- Load an existing table
   5 A = LOAD '$INPUT_PATH' using org.apache.pig.table.pig.TableLoader();
   6 DUMP A;
   8 -- Store in Table format with schema 'c1, c2' and storage hint '[c1];[c2]' which mean two Column Group with one colmun each
  10 STORE A into '$OUTPUT_PATH' using org.apache.pig.table.pig.TableStorer('c1 , c2' , '[c1];[c2]');
  12 -- Load an existing table with just one column
  14 B = LOAD '$OUTPUT_PATH' using org.apache.pig.table.pig.TableLoader('c2');
  15 DUMP B;

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