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[DIFF] 16:37 [INFO] SteveRowe [1,3]
AlexandreRafalovitch [2]
#01 First cut at full release note
#02 Added a line about Admin UI regressions
#03 added preformatting triple curly braces, so that copy/paste into email looks the same
[DIFF] 14:33 [INFO] ShawnHeisey Updated last release date on SolrNet.
[DIFF] 19:12 [INFO] CassandraTargett
[DIFF] 18:18 [INFO] StefanMatheis `side="front"` was deprecated in 4.4 and removed in 5.0 - http://stackoverflow .com/a/28772970
[DIFF] 16:18 [INFO] CassandraTargett add migration note
[DIFF] 13:42 [INFO] ShawnHeisey added note about reindexing twice to switch to using Solr as a source.
[DIFF] 17:06 [INFO] ShawnHeisey Re-iterate that users developing *client* code should use the #solr channel.
[DIFF] 21:54 [INFO] CassandraTargett Add header for content moved to CWIKI
[DIFF] 21:04 [INFO] CassandraTargett Add header for content moved to CWIKI
[DIFF] 20:20 [INFO] CassandraTargett Direct people to CWIKI for KStem docs
[DIFF] 15:17 [INFO] TomasFernandezLobbe [1]
ErickErickson [2]
#02 Clarified that Pull Requests should be linked to JIRAs.


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