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[DIFF] 15:47 [INFO] ErickErickson
[DIFF] 15:18 [INFO] ShawnHeisey clarify mention of OOME exception to indicate 'heap space'.
[DIFF] 19:38 [INFO] ShawnHeisey Indicate that the authentication/autho rization plugin added in 5.2 had several bugs that weren't fixed until 5.3.
[DIFF] 15:36 [INFO] ShawnHeisey Initial page creation. Still need to write the process for creating a package.
[DIFF] 18:07 [INFO] ShawnHeisey [1-4] #01 break up two queries.
#02 Clarify the difference between broken "OR" queries and functional "AND" queries, and the fact that this is not a bug.
#03 clean up first sentence wording.
#04 Initial page creation.
[DIFF] 17:58 [INFO] ShalinMangar Set announcement date to today
[DIFF] 15:30 [INFO] ShawnHeisey Clean up some phrasing. The original sentence about deletedPkQuery is VERY confusing, I did my best at interpreting intent.
[DIFF] 15:56 [INFO] ShawnHeisey [1-2] #01 mention that we don't have documentation for separate containers.
#02 incremental work. include brief mention of 6.x. Make section about bugs more generic. Add a mention of 'two-application' idea.


kertoo että sivusta on ainakin yksi aikasempi versio (napsauta nähdäksesi erot)


kertoo että sivua on muokattu sen jälkeen kun panit kirjanmerkin (napsauta nähdäksesi erot kirjanmerkkiin)


kertoo että sivu on luotu sen jälkeen kun laitoit kirjanmerkin ja että sitä ei ole muokattu


kertoo että sivu on poistettu

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