Comparison between the Solr Wiki and the Solr Manual

This page is a collection of notable variances between the Solr Wiki and the Solr Reference Guide (henceforth referred to as the manual). The purpose is to ensure the consistency of information in both documents, and to give contributors that use both documents a place to make note of discrepancies between them. As both the Solr Wiki and the Solr Manual are subject to change according to releases of Solr, this page will perpetually be a work-in-progress.


  1. Comparison between the Solr Wiki and the Solr Manual
  2. AnalysisRequestHandler
  3. AnalyzersTokenizersTokenFilters
  4. AnalyzersTokenizersTokenFilters/Kstem
  5. Atomic_Updates
  6. Benchmarking Solr
  7. BloomIndexComponent
  8. BusinessRules
  9. BusinessRulesAdvanced
  10. CategoryQueryResponseWriter
  11. CategorySolrRequestHandler
  12. Celeritas
  13. ClusteringComponent
  14. CollapsingQParserPlugin
  15. CollectionDistribution
  16. CollectionRebuilding
  17. CommitWithin
  18. CommonQueryParameters
  19. ComplexFacetingBrainstorming
  20. ComplexPhraseQueryParser
  21. ConfiguringSolr
  22. ContentStream
  23. ContentStreamUpdateRequestExample
  24. Core Discovery (4.3 and Beyond)
  25. Core Discovery (4.4 and Beyond)
  26. CoreAdmin
  27. CoreQueryParameters
  28. CSVResponseWriter
  29. CSVUpdateRequestHandler
  30. CurrencyField
  31. DaemonTools
  32. DataImportHandler
  33. DataImportHandlerDeltaQueryViaFullImport
  34. DataImportHandlerFAQ
  35. Deduplication
  36. DeploymentofSolrCoreswithZookeeper
  37. DIHCustomFunctions
  38. DIHCustomTransformer
  39. DIHQuickStart
  40. DIHTransformer
  41. DirectSolrSpellChecker
  42. DisMax
  43. DisMaxQParserPlugin
  44. DisMaxRequestHandler
  45. DistributeSearch
  46. DistributedSearchDesign
  47. DocTransformers
  48. DocumentProcessing
  49. DocValues
  50. Editing configuration files in the admin UI
  51. EmbeddedSolr
  52. ExposedFaceting
  53. ExtendedDisMax
  54. ExtractingRequestHandler
  55. ExtractingUpdateProcessor
  56. FAQ
  57. FederatedSearch
  58. FieldAliasesAndGlobsInParamssolr
  59. Field Collapsing
  60. FieldCollapsingUncommitted
  61. FieldOptionsByUseCase
  62. FileBasedSpellChecker
  63. Flare
  64. FunctionQuery
  65. GettingStarted
  66. GuessingFieldTypes
  67. GuiceRestlet
  68. HackingSolr
  69. HadoopIndexing
  70. HadoopRmi
  71. HierarchicalFaceting
  72. HightlightingParameters
  73. HowToCompileSolr
  74. Hunspell
  75. HunspellStemFilterFactory
  76. IndexBasedSpellChecker
  77. IndexInfoRequestHandler
  78. IndexingDates
  79. IndexPartitioning
  80. IntegratingSolr
  81. JapaneseLanguageSupport
  82. javabin
  83. JavaScript
  84. Join
  85. JsonPreAnalyzedParser
  86. JsonUpdateRequestHandler
  87. LanguageAnalysis
  88. LanguageDetection
  89. LargeIndexes
  90. LBHttpSolrServer
  91. LocalParams
  92. LocalSolr
  93. LoggingInDefaultJettySetup
  94. LogoContest
  95. LotsOfCores
  96. LukeRequestHandler
  97. MailEntityProcessor
  98. MakeSolrMoreSelfService
  99. MergingSolrIndexes
  100. MoneyFieldType
  101. MoreLikeThis
  102. MoreLikeThisHandler
  103. MultiCore
  104. MultipleIndexes
  105. MultitermQueryAnalysis
  106. mySolr
  107. NearRealtimeSearchTuning
  108. NearRealTimeSearch
  109. NewSolrCloudDesign
  110. NightlyBuilds
  111. OldSolrUI
  112. OpenNLP
  113. Optimistic_Concurrency
  114. Payloads
  115. post.jar
  116. PostingsHighlighter
  117. PreAnalyzedUpdateProcessorFactory
  118. PreAnalyzedField
  119. RealTimeGet
  120. ReloadCacheRequestHandler
  121. ReworkedSolrAdminGUI
  122. Ruby Response Format
  123. SchemaDesign
  124. SchemaRESTAPI
  125. SchemaXML
  126. ScriptUpdateProcessor
  127. SearchComponent
  128. SearchHandler
  129. SimpleFacetParameters
  130. SimplePreAnalyzedParser
  131. SimpleTextCodecExample
  132. SiteNavigation
  133. SiteNavigering
  134. SolJSON
  135. SolPHP
  136. SolPython
  137. solr-ruby
  138. SolPython
  139. solr-ruby
  140. Solr.xml (supported through 4.x)
  141. Solr.xml 4.3 and beyond
  142. Solr.xml 4.4 and beyond
  143. Solr4Lib
  144. Solr4UIMA
  145. SolrAdaptersForLuceneSpatial4
  146. SolrAdminGUI
  147. SolrAdminStats
  148. SolrAndHTTPCaches
  149. SolrCaching
  150. SolrCell
  151. SolrCloud
  152. SolrCloud with Jboss
  153. SolrCloudPlanning
  154. SolrCloudTomcat
  155. SolrCollectionDistributionOperationsOutline
  156. SolrCollectionDistributionScripts
  157. SolrCollectionDistributionStatusStats
  158. SolrConfigXML
  159. SolrEcosystem
  160. SolrFacetingOverview
  161. SolrForrest
  162. SolrGlassFish
  163. SolrHostingProviders
  164. SolrHttpCompression
  165. SolrInstall
  166. SolrInterfaces
  167. Solritas
  168. SolrJ
  169. SolrJ1.3
  170. SolrJboss
  171. SolrJetty
  172. SolrJmx
  173. SolrJS
  174. SolrLoging
  175. SolrMonitoring
  176. SolrOnAmazonEC2
  177. SolrOnWindowsAzure
  178. SolrOperationsTools
  179. SolrPerformaceData
  180. SolrPerformanceFactors
  181. SolrPerformanceProblems
  182. SolrPluginRepository

NOTE: Dates in parenthesis () reflect the last time the page was edited.


Wiki: AnalysisRequestHandler (2011-03-16)
Manual: N/A (no equivalent)


Wiki: AnalyzersTokenizersTokenFilters (2014-04-24)
Manual: Using Analyzers, Tokenizers, and Filters (2014-12-08)


Wiki: AnalyzersTokenizersTokenFilters/Kstem (2011-09-24)
Manual: Filter Descriptions (2014-06-25)

This section is virtually identical in the wiki and the manual, except the latter contains an example.


Wiki: Atomic_Updates (2013-04-27)
Manual: Updating Parts of Documents (2014-12-04)

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Benchmarking Solr

Wiki: BenchmarkingSolr (2014-05-14)
Manual: N/A

This page is exclusive to the Wiki. The Solr Manual references the term "benchmark" only twice, in an indirect context.


Wiki: BloomIndexComponent (2010-05-28)
Manual: N/A

The Solr Manual contains no reference to this search component.


Wiki: BusinessRules (2011-12-07)
Manual: N/A

The Wiki page for this article is incomplete, aside from the introduction. There is no equivalent in the manal.


Wiki: BusinessRulesAdvanced(2011-12-07)
Manual: N/A

This Wiki page has not been completed.

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Wiki: CategoryQueryResponseWriter (2010-03-01)
Manual: Response Writers (2014-02-27)

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Wiki: CategorySolrRequestHandler (2010-03-10)
Manual: Numerous


Wiki: Celeritas (2009-09-20)
Manual: Velocity Search UI (2013-09-27)


Wiki: ClusteringComponent (2013-09-12)
Manual: Result Clustering (2014-12-10)


Wiki: CollapsingQParserPlugin (2014-02-19)
Manual: Collapse and Expand Results


Wiki: CollectionDistribution (2012-09-24)
Manual: Index Replication (2014-08-29)


Wiki: CollectionRebuilding (2009-09-20)
Manual: Index Replication (2014-08-29)

Pages are related in that the manual page contains a tutorial on replicating indexes with ssh and rsync, and the wiki page describes how to rebuild indexes using rsynced_stop, but there is no overlapping content otherwise.`


Wiki: CommitWithin (2012-06-22)
Manual: UpdateHandlers in SolrConfig (2014-12-12)

   1 UpdateRequest req = new UpdateRequest();
   2     req.add(mySolrInputDocument);
   3     req.setCommitWithin(10000);
   4     req.process(server);



Wiki: CommonQueryParameters (2014-04-03]
Manual: Common Query Parameters (2014-08-29)


Wiki: ComplexFacetingBrainstorming (2009-09-20)
Manual: N/A

As the name indicates, this page was intended for use as a brainstorming platform about complex faceting, and it has no manual equivalent.


Wiki: ComplexPhraseQueryParser (2014-08-31)
Manual: Other Paersers(2014-10-29)


Wiki: ConfiguringSolr (2013-05-21)
Manual: The Well-Configured Solr Instance (2014-12-10)


Wiki: ContentStream (2011-03-11)
Manual: Content Stream (2014-12-12)


Wiki: ContentStreamUpdateRequestExample (2010-05-28)
Manual: N/A

This page is exclusive to the wiki and has no manual equivalent.

Core Discovery (4.3 and Beyond)

Wiki: Redirects to Core Discovery (4.4 and beyond) (2014-09-11)
Manual: Solr Cores and solr.xml(2013-07-23)

See next section.

Core Discovery (4.4 and Beyond)

Wiki: Core Discovery (4.4 and beyond) (2014-09-11)
Manual: [|Solr Cores and solr.xml]](2013-07-23)


Wiki: CoreAdmin (2013-08-29)
Manual: CoreAmin API (2014-11-06)


Wiki: CoreQueryParameters (2013-06-13)
Manual: ??

It is unclear as to whether this page refers literally to the CoreAdmin, or uses the word "core" figuratively to mean "essential". Though the content of the page indicates that it is the latter, most of the page's elements seem as though they could be found more apparently on other pages; wt, for example, is also found on CommonQueryParameters, and NOW and TZ could both be used to populate a page about time-based params similar to Working With Dates in the manual.


Wiki: CSVResponseWriter (2011-09-19)
Manual: (2014-02-27)

There is no notable difference between the wiki page and the manual's equivalent section.


Wiki: UpdateCSV (2014-03-13)
Manual: (2014-02-27)

The CSVUpdateRequestHandler is not mentioned in the manual, though the phrase "....compatible with the CSV update format" which links back to the wiki page.


Wiki: CurrencyField (2013-06-02)
Manual: Working With Currencies and Exchange Rates (2014-02-27)

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Wiki: DaemonTools (2009-09-20)
Manual: N/A

This page is exclusive to the wiki


Wiki: DataImportHandler (2013-09-24)
Manual: Uploading Structured Data Store Data with the Data Import Handler (2014-12-16)


Wiki: DataImportHandlerDeltaQueryViaFullImport (2011-07-20)
Manual: Uploading Structured Data Store Data with the Data Import Handler (2014-12-16)

This page appears to be an alternative method for handling delta imports and full imports other than the URL methods delta-import and full-import found in the manual. It is recommended that the writing of this page be cleaned up to more accurately convey its intent, specifically in the paragraphs between the code example and the Efficiency Aspect section. Lack of punctuation and unclear phrasings make the content difficult to understand.


Wiki: DataImportHandlerFAQ (2014-06-13)
Manal: N/A

This page is exclusive to the wiki


Wiki: Deduplication (2012-02-29)
Manual: De-Duplication (2014-02-27)

The equivalent sections have slight differences in the order of content, but are otherwise identical. The wiki explains the concept in a manner that is more geared toward future implementation of possible methods, whereas the the manual's tone is more present and concrete.


Wiki: DeploymentofSolrCoreswithZookeeper (2010-03-01)
Manual: Nodes, Cores, Clusters and Leaders (2014-12-18)


Wiki: DIHCustomFunctions (2011-07-11)
Manual: Uploading Structured Data Store Data with the Data Import Handler

The evaluator function used in this wiki page may have been depreciated in favor of newer methods. This is based on the fact that no mention of evaluators of any kind are foudn in the manual, and that no information is on Web past 2011.


Wiki: DIHCustomTransformer (2012-10-02)
Manual: Uploading Structured Data Store Data with the Data Import Handler

This page is an extension of its counterpart in the manual. In fact, the manual links to the wiki in the Transformerssection.


Wiki: DIHQuickStart (2010-03-04 )
Manual: Uploading Structured Data Store Data with the Data Import Handler

This page can be seen as an extension of DataImportHandler. The Index data from multiple tables into Solr section could contain more updated information with regards to how to implement multiple tables.


Wiki: DIHTransformer(2009-12-12)
Manual: Transforming Result Documents (2014-06-08)

This wiki page is empty. It either pertains to the content in the above manual page, or the transformers section found in the Uploading Structured Data Store Data with the Data Import Handler page.


Wiki: DirectSolrSpellChecker (2013-05-06)
Manual: Spell Checking (2014-12-18)


Wiki: DisMax (2012-01-19)
Manual: The DisMax Query Parser (2014-12-18)

The DisMax wiki page is a more in-depth explanation about the origing of the DisMaxQParserPlugin, and its content can likely be added to the beginning of that page, as it is in the manual.


Wiki: DisMaxQParserPlugin (2012-05-04)
Manual: The DisMax Query Parser (2014-12-18)


Wiki: DisMaxRequestHandler (2010-07-30)
Manual: The DisMax Query Parser (2014-12-18)

This page is essentially a redirect to the previous two-DisMax and DisMaxQParserPlugin. It contains no additional information, and can be deleted without consequence.


Wiki: DistributeSearch (2014-04-28)
Manual: Distributed Search with Index Sharing (2014-08-29)


Wiki: DistributedSearchDesign (2009-09-20)
Manual: Distributed Search with Index Sharing

This wiki page is a conceptual listing for the implementation of the previous search parameter, which became obsolete when it was added to Solr.


Wiki: DocTransformers (2014-06-17)
Manual: Result Documents (2014-07-18)

This wiki is empty, other than the links to the manual page, and a note informing users that it is for the posting of tips and tricks related to Document Transformers (which no on has added as of yet).


Wiki: DocumentProcessing (2011-10-27)
Manual: Updating Parts of Documents (2014-12-04)

This is a repository wiki page which is an extension of TaskList, and both documents are essentially TODO lists that can be revisited and eliminated once suggestions are implemented.


Wiki: DocValues (2014-06-23)
Manual: DocValues(2014-12-12)

The DocValues wikii page identifies itself as a page to store tips, tricks, and advice (as intended), and all reference material has already been moved to the wiki.

Editing configuration files in the admin UI

Wiki: Editing configuration files in the admin UI(2014-06-24)
Manual: N/A

Wiki page contains a note that reads: This capability was removed before release for security reasons. If we bring it back, we can revert this edit.


Wiki: EmbeddedSolr (2009-09-20)
Manual: Using SolrJ (2014-12-18)

The wiki page references another wiki page SolrJ as a means of testing the implementation of an embedded SolrServer, and this is essentially reiterated on the SolrJ page in the manual.


Wiki: ExposedFaceting (2013-03-25)
Manual: N/A

Exposed Faceting was an experimental at the time of this page's creation. Notes on SOLR-2412 indicate that the contrib is unlikely to be implemented any time soon (as recent as 2014-11-18, according to comments posted by the page's author).


Wiki: ExtendedDisMax (2013-08-29)
Manual: The Extended DisMax Query Parser (2013-08-29)


Wiki: ExtractingRequestHandler (2013-05-08)
Manual: Uploading Data with Solr Cell using Apache Tika (2014-12-17)


Wiki: ExtractingUpdateProcessor (2010-10-06)
Manual: N/A

This processor was mentioned as being experimental some four years ago, and as of February of 2014 it was still being tested SOLR-1763


Wiki: FAQ (2014-10-1)
Manual: N/A

This page is exclusive to the wiki, and all mentions of an FAQ in the manual point here.


Wiki: DistributedSearch (2014-04-08)
Manual:[[|Distributed Search with Index Sharding]] (2014-08-29)

This wiki page redirects to Distributed Search, and is otherwise empty.


Wiki: FieldAliasesAndGlobsInParamssolr (2011-01-24)
Manual: The Extended DisMax Query Parser (2014-12-18)

The Wiki page for field aliasing has the tone of a brainstorming page, containing "if and when" terminology, and the date of the doc also points to it being outdated. The above manual page about the DisMax Query Parser indicates that field aliasing is possible using using per-field qf overrides.

Field Collapsing

Wiki: FieldCollapsing (2013-03-26)
Manual: Result Grouping (2014-12-12)

This wiki page is identical to its counterpart


Wiki: FieldCollapsingUncommitted (2010-09-16)
Manual: Collapse and Expand Results (2014-06-24)

The CollapsingQParser appears to have replaced the collapse component mentioned in this wiki page, though the content referencing the expand component is similar.


Wiki: FieldOptionsByUseCase (2010-11-22)
Manual: Field Properties by Use Case (2014-08-12)


Wiki: FileBasedSpellChecker (2013-04-13)
Manual: Spell Checking (2014-12-18)


Wiki: Flare (2011-11-22)
Manual: N/A

Taken verbatim from this wiki page: Solr Flare has been deprecated and removed from Solr's repository. It was a Rails plugin that evolved into the popular Blacklight framework. The code has been exported and archived at


Wiki: FunctionQuery (2013-05-08)
Manual: Function Queries(2014-12-18)


Wiki: GettingStarted (2013-06-08)
Manual: Getting Start (2013-06-03)

The respective getting started pages are inherently different as they reference two different documents. Noteworthy is the fact that the wiki has been more recently updated than the manual, and the last section of the wiki, which cotains a title (Running the Example), but no content.


Wiki: GuessingFieldTypes (2014-04-19)
Manual: Schemaless Mode (2014-12-10)

This wiki page is empty, though it correctly points the user to the Schemaless Mode manual page, which indicates using the UpdateRequestProcessorChain to guess field types.


Wiki: GuiceRestlet (2013-08-07)
Manual: N/A

The wiki for this is a placeholder for an experimental component to likely be implemented in later versions SOLR-4818.


Wiki: HackingSolr (2012-06-05)
Manual: N/A (multiple)

This page covers varied topics, thus has no manual equivalent.


Wiki: HadoopIndexing (2010-02-06)
Manual: Running Solr on HDFS (2014-10-23)


Wiki: HadoopRmi (2009-09-20)
Manual: Running Solr on HDFS (2014-10-23)


Wiki: HierarchicalFaceting (2014-04-28)
Manual: Faceting (2014-12-11)

The wiki page appears to be a collection of different methods related to the implementation of hierchical faceting, many of which were implemented with pivot faceting (covered in the manual).


Wiki: HighlightingParameters (2013-04-04)
Manual: Highlighting (2014-12-15)

Each of the listed items in this wiki page is identical to the items listed throughout the three separate sections of the manual equivalent (Standard, FastVector, and Postings)


Wiki: HowToCompileSolr (2014-07-29)
Manual: N/A

This wiki page details how to compile SolrJ with CygWin on Windows 7 and Windows 8. It is exclusive to the wiki.


Wiki: Hunspell (2012-04-29)
Manual: Filter Descriptions (2014-12-18)

This page introduces the Hunspell advanced spell checker. For its correlation to the manual, see the section below (HunspellStemFilterFactory)


Wiki: HunspellStemFilterFactory (2011-10-05)
Manual: Filter Descriptions (2014-12-18)


Wiki: IndexBasedSpellChecker (2009-09-20)
Manual: N/A

The page contains a one-sentence of the plugin and a TODO with no further content. It is likely outdated and can be removed.


Wiki: LukeRequestHandler (2012-01-05)
Manual: N/A

The LukeRequestHandler (redirected from the IndexInfoRequestHandler) may be misrepresented outside the wiki, as the external docs seem to point to the fact the handler is fluid in its development; thus, it is not included in the manual.s


Wiki: IndexingDates
Manual: Working With Dates (2014-12-18)

The wiki page for handling dates is over 5 years old. While some of the sytnax survived, it has likely changed enough over the years to be considered obsolete, or at least in need of revision.


Wiki: IndexPartitioning (2009-09-20)
Manual: Distributed Search with Index Sharding (2014-08-29)

The wiki page indicates in the first line that it is a brainstorming excercise, which doesn't describe any particular aspect of Solr. The word "partition" is equated to 'shards' in the manual, and each mention of it in conjunction with indexes can be seen as the culmination of this page.


Wiki: IntegratingSolr (2014-12-07)
Manual: Several (various)

Several different types of programming languages are covered on this page as a means of integrating Solr. Virtually all of the links are external.


Wiki: JapaneseLanguageSupport (2012-03-26)
Manual: N/A

This page notes the evenuality of containing Japanese language support in Solr 3.6 and 4.0. Seeing as how these versions have since been released, it should be updated with progress in Japanese language support.


Wiki: javabin (2013-05-11)
Manual: Updating Data with Index Handlers (2014-12-16)

The phrase 'javabin' in only mentioned once in the manual, in the context of the UpdateRequestHandler being capable of handling update requests. Contents of this wiki page are for earlier versions of javabin integration which are handled by ContentStreamLoader.


Wiki: JavaScript (2013-05-11)
Manual:[[|Using Javascript]] (2013-06-03)

The contents of this page are all external links to differenct clients and libraries. It can likely be integrated into the SolJSON wiki page.


Wiki: Join (2013-12-10)
Manual: Other Parsers (2014-10-29)

This wiki page is essentially an extension of the Join Query Parser section found in the above manual page, which refers readers back to the page.


Wiki: JsonPreAnalyzedParser (2013-12-10)
Manual: Working with External Files and Processes (2014-08-26)

In the section Pre-Analyzing a Field Type, the manual references this page as its resource for further information.


Wiki: UpdateJSON (2013-02-22)
Manual: Uploading Data with Index Handlers (2014-12-16)


Wiki: LanguageAnalysis (2014-12-18)
Manual: Language Analysis (2014-12-18) <<BR>01233>

The third paragraph indicates this wiki page as mostly obsolete, though the content is consistent with what is found in the manual.


Wiki: LanguageDetection (2013-07-02)
Manual: Detecting Languages During Indexing (2014-02-27)

Each of the listed langid parameters is identical in both documents, and they are essentially the same.


Wiki: LargeIndexes (2011-06-08)
Manual: N/A

This page is more an exposition on the handling of large indexes than a reference to a particular aspect of Solr.


Wiki: LBHttpSolrServer (2013-02-05)
Manual: Combining Distribution and Replication (2013-06-03)

The wiki page references the Load Balanced HtttpSolrServer as a solution for load-balancing, where the manual references HAProxy as a "good open source software load-balancer".


Wiki: LocalParams (2013-02-23)
Manual: Local Parameters in Queries (2013-06-03)

The content between these two pages is essentially identical.


Wiki: LocalSolr (2010-04-01)
Manual: Spatial Search (2014-11-24)

Wiki page redirects to SpatialSearch, which informs the reader that the most up-to-date information about Spatial Search is found in the above manual page.


Wiki: LoggingInDefaultJettySetup (2014-04-17)
Manual: Configuring Logging (2014-04-04)

This wiki page contains considerably more information about logging in Jetty, specifically the configuration of the file, than the manual, which reserves a section among others and provides a brief example.


Wiki: LogoContest (2009-09-20)
Manual: N/A

This page is exclusive to the wiki.


Wiki: LotsOfCores (2014-09-02)
Manual: Solr Cores and solr.xml (2013-07-23)

The manual covers more aspects of core discovery, since it will eventually supplant whichever methods are present in the wiki. The manual also explicates the use of SolrCloud, where the wiki page has a large disclaimer warning that the content of the page is not verified with SolrCloud setups. In short, the wiki contains a mixed bag of legacy, current, and future tactics, but the manual's page is about preparing for future iterations of Solr and its effect on the form of solr.xml.


Wiki: LukeRequestHandler (2012-01-05)
Manual: N/A


Wiki: MailEntityProcessor (2011-08-24)
Manual: N/A

This page is exclusive to the wiki.


Wiki: MakeSolrMoreSelfService (2011-11-23)
Manual: N/A-various

This page is a self-contained listing of methods to make Solr more "self-service". It covers multiple aspects, and can likely be updated to indicate which aspects have already been satisfied.


Wiki: MergingSolrIndexes (2013-08-29)
Manual: Merging Indexes (2014-02-25)

Both pages contain similar information about the CoreAdminHandler and the IndexMergeTool, which are covered adequately in both documents.


Wiki: CurrencyField (2013-06-02)
Manual: Working With Currencies and Exchange Rates (2014-02-27)

This wikipage redirects to CurrencyField, found above.


Wiki: MorLikeThis (2012-06-08)
Manual: MoreLikeThis (2014-02-27)

The wiki and manual pages for MoreLikeThis are virtually identical.


Wiki: MoreLikeThisHandler (2013-04-19)
Manual: More Like This (2014-02-27)


Wiki: CoreAdmin (2013-08-29)
Manual: CoreAmin API (2014-11-06)


Wiki: MultipleIndexes (2012-07-23)
Manual: N/A-various

This page touches on aspects of CoreAdmin, manipulation of the schema.xml, and merging indexes. The specifics of each element are thin, and can likely be included in other pages.


Wiki: MultitermQueryAnalysis (2013-09-14)
Manual: Field Types Included with Solr


Wiki: mySolr (2009-09-20)
Manual: N/A

This page is a collection of custom Solr configurations by the community, meant to illustrate different methods of applying Solr to varied applications. It contains several disclaimers at the top about the unfinished nature of the page.


Wiki: NearRealtimeSearchTuning (2011-09-23)
Manual: Near Real Time Searching (2014-12-18)

See next section.


Wiki: NearRealTimeSearch (2013-03-07)
Manual: Near Real Time Searching (2014-12-18)


Wiki: NewSolrCloudDesign (2012-05-19)
Manual: SolrCloud (2014-12-16)

This page was a preliminary scratchpad for SolrCloud. See the SolrCloud section below for current documentation.


Wiki: NightlyBuilds (2012-08-12) Manual: N/A


Wiki: OldSolrUI (2013-06-13)
Manual: Overview of the Solr Admin UI (2014-08-26)

Information found in this page is spread out through various sections in the manual.


Wiki: OpenNLP (2012-09-24)
Manual: N/A

This page and its concept are exclusive to the wiki.


Wiki: Optimistic_Concurrency (2012-11-03)
Manual: Updating Parts of Documents (2014-12-04)

The wiki page on Optimistic Concurrency covers the first paragraph of the Optimistic Concurrency section in the manual page. The remaining content (workflow, semantics, conflict reporting) can be copied over from the manual to flesh out the wiki page.


Wiki: Payloads (2012-09-24)
Manual: The Standard Query Parser (2014-12-17)


Wiki: post.jar (2013-01-29)
Manual: Simple Post Tool (2014-12-17)


[[PostingsHighlighter]] (2013-04-08)
Manual: Postings Highlighter (2014-04-15)


Wiki: PreAnalyzedUpdateProcessorFactory (2013-04-05)
Manual: Working with External Files and Processes (2014-08-26)

See next section.


Wiki: PreAnalyzedField (2013-04-05)
Manual: Working with External Files and Processes (2014-08-26)

The wiki and manual pages essentially contain the same information.


Wiki: RealTimeGet (2013-05-04)
Manual: RealTime Get (2014-12-11)

Aside from the disclaimer about the real time get handler, the two pages are identical.


Wiki: ReloadCacheRequestHandler (2011-06-15)
Manual: N/A

This page contains a note that reads Describe ReloadCacheRequestHandler here.


Wiki: ReworkedSolrAdminGUI (2011-03-30)
Manual: Overview of the Solr Admin UI (2015-01-15)

This wiki page became obsolete once the new Solr UI was implemented.

Ruby Response Format

Wiki: Ruby Response Format (2011-11-22)
Manual: Using Solr From Ruby (2014-02-27)


Wiki: SchemaDesign (2012-05-21)
Manual: Overview of Documents, Fields, and Schema Design (2013-07-24)


Wiki: SchemaRESTAPI (2013-07-10)
Manual: Several

These pages each contain elements that are spread throughout the wiki page, with the exception of the parts that reference <!> Solr 4.2 and above.

The Schema API page is the closest match in terms of equivalent content. The following are notable differences between it and the above wiki page:


Wiki: SchemaXML (2014-08-25)
Manual: Documents, Fields, and Schema Design (2013-07-24)

Global <similarity> delcaration in the manual:

<similarity class="solr.DefaultSimilarityFactory"/>

In the wiki:

<similarity class=""/>


Wiki: ScriptUpdateProcessor (2013-06-27)
Manual: Update Request Processors (2014-09-02)

The ScriptUpdateProcessor is only mentioned once in the manual, under StatelessScriptUpdateProcessorFactory. Notable is the fact that the update processor is not included without mention of the word stateless, and that the wiki page contains a TBD about adding more on the "stateless" nature.


Wiki: SearchComponent (2010-09-27)
Manual: Manual: RequestHandlers and SearchComponents in SolrConfig (2014-12-18)


Wiki: SearchHandler (2012-06-18)
Manual: RequestHandlers and SearchComponents in SolrConfig (2014-12-18)


Wiki: SimpleFacetParameters (2012-06-12)
Manual: Fsaceting (2014-12-11)

== SimplePostTool == Wiki: SimplePostTool ()
Manual: SimplePostTool (2015-01-10)

Redirects to post.jar.


Wiki: SimplePreAnalyzedParser (2012-05-11)
Manual: Working With External Files and Processes (2014-08-26)

The only mention of the SimplePreAnalyzedParser in the manual is a link on the above page back to the wiki.


Wiki: SimpleTextCodecExample (2012-10-20)
Manual: N/A

Wiki: SiteNavigation(none)
Manual: N/A

This page pertains to site navigation on the Solr Wiki, thus it has no relation to the manual.

Wiki: SiteNavigring(none)
Manual: N/A

This page is the Danish translation of the previous page (SiteNavigation).


Wiki: SolJSON (2011-03-16)
Manual: Response Writers (2015-01-10)

The JSON Response Writer section in the above manual page gives a short explanation and example of the JSON Response writer in solrconfig.xml. In this case the wiki page is more extensive, and could be used as a source to add more practical examples to the manual's content. Specifically, the section about JSON specific parameters.


Wiki: SolPHP (2014-03-09)
Manual: Response Writers (2015-01-10)


Wiki: SolPython (2014-12-03)
Manual: Using Python (2014-12-17)


Wiki: solr-ruby (2011-11-22)
Manual: Using Solr From Ruby (2014-02-27)

See: Ruby Response Format


Wiki: SolPython (2014-12-03)
Manual: Using Python (2014-12-17)


Wiki: solr-ruby (2011-11-22)
Manual: Using Solr From Ruby (2014-02-27)

See: Ruby Response Format

Solr.xml (supported through 4.x)

Wiki: Solr.xml (supported through 4.x) (2013-05-21)
Manual: Legace solr.xml Configuration (2015-01-14)

Solr.xml 4.3 and beyond

Wiki: Solr.xml 4.4 and beyond (2013-10-10)
Manual: N/A

This page is a redirect to the next chapter, Solr.xml 4.4 and beyond.

Solr.xml 4.4 and beyond

Wiki: Solr.xml 4.4 and beyond (2013-10-10)
Manual: Format of solr.xml (2015-01-09)

This wiki page covers versions 4.4 through 4.5, and gives brief mention of Solr 5.0. The example config file in the wiki is completely different than the example in the manual.


Wiki: Solr4Lib (2010-03-16)
Manual: N/A

This page references several external links that exist ouside of what would be considered manual material.


Wiki: Solr4UIMA (2013-02-20)
Manual: UIMA Integration (2014-02-14)

    <str name="keyword_apikey">VALID_ALCHEMYAPI_KEY</str>
    <str name="concept_apikey">VALID_ALCHEMYAPI_KEY</str>
    <str name="lang_apikey">VALID_ALCHEMYAPI_KEY</str>
    <str name="cat_apikey">VALID_ALCHEMYAPI_KEY</str>
    <str name="entities_apikey">VALID_ALCHEMYAPI_KEY</str>
    <str name="oc_licenseID">VALID_OPENCALAIS_KEY</str>


Wiki: SolrAdaptersForLuceneSpatial4 (2014-03-03)
Manual: Spatial Search (2014-11-24)

A disclaimer at the beginning of the wiki page redirects the user to the manual page. It also states that the contents will eventually be copied, and won't be kept current. As yet, this has not occurred, thus the wiki page is still 8 months behind the manual page.


Wiki: SolrAdminGUI (2013-06-13)
Manual: Overview of the Solr Admin GUI (2015-01-07)

Page redirects to ReworkedSolrAdminGUI and OldSolrUI, but contains no other content.


Wiki: SolrAdminStats (2009-09-20)
Manual: N/A

This page was intended to be glossary of Solr Admin Stats, but it was never completed.


Wiki: SolrAndHTTPCaches (2009-09-20)
Manual: N/A

This page is outdated and any similarities to the manual are inconsequential as a result.


Wiki: SolrCaching (2014-06-19)
Manual: Query Settings in SolrConfig-Caches (2014-12-11)


Wiki: SolrCell (2009-11-05)
Manual: Uploading with Solr Cell using Apache Tika (2015-01-15)

See ExtractingRequestHandler.


Wiki: SolrCloud(2014-02-23)
Manual: SolrCloud(2014-12-16)

Page contains a note at the top that redirects the user to the manual and states that the page is outdated.

SolrCloud with Jboss

Wiki: SolrCloud with JBoss (2013-11-11)
Manual: N/A

The manual does not contain any information about JBoss outside of a comment on the Running Solr page that states it could be added.


Wiki: SolrCloudPlanning (2012-02-03)
Manual: SolrCloud (2012-02-03)

This page is a collection of ideas and intended ideas for developers of SolrClould. It is not intended as a source of reference on its use. Some notation should be added to signify which features have already been added, and which are in planning.


Wiki: SolrCloudTomcat (2013-03-08)
Manual: Running Solr on Tomcat (2015-01-07)

The wiki page provides and example setup using zookeeper clusters. However, the manual page indicates that Tomcat will no longer be supported as of 5.0, and contains no additional information.


Wiki: SolrCollectionDistributionOperationsOutline (2012-09-12)
Manual:[[|Index Replication]] (2015-01-09)


Wiki: SolrCollectionDistributionScripts (2012-09-24)
Manual: Index Replication (2015-01-09)


Wiki: SolrCollectionDistributionStatusStats (2012-09-24)
Manual: Index Replication (2015-01-09)


Wiki: SolrConfigXML (2013-11-15)
Manual: Configuring solrconfig.xml (2014-12-10)


Wiki: SolrEcosystem (2014-12-03)
Manual: N/A

This page contains all external links to projects that integrate with Solr.


Wiki: SolrFacetingOverview(2014-03-06)
Manual: Faceting (2014-12-11)


Wiki: SolrForrest (2010-01-25)
Manual: Client API Lineup (2014-09-11)

The only reference to SolrForrest in the manual is a link back to the Wiki in the Client API Lineup.


Wiki: SolrGlassFish (2013-01-06)
Manual: N/A

GlassFish is an open source server built using Java. References to its use with Solr (both in the Wiki and in the Web) have not been current since 2013, with this Wiki page being the most recent.


Wiki: SolrHostingProviders
Manual: N/A

This page is an alphabetical listing of companies that provide Solr hosting services. It has no relation to the manual.


Wiki: SolrHttpCompression (2009-09-20)
Manual: N/A

This page is obsolete, and can be removed without consequence.


Wiki: SolrInstall (2014-11-12)
Manual: Installing Solr (2015-01-09)

The wiki page for SolrInstall is outdated, referencing Java version 1.6 and an antiquated method of configuring the initial install. The content from the manual should be copied over.


Wiki: SolrInterfaces (2009-09-20)
Manual: Using the Solr Administration User Interface (2013-07-24)

This wiki page is antiquated, and there are many better pages about the Solr user interface, specifically SolrAdminGUI. It can be removed from the wiki without consequence.


Wiki: VelocityResponseWriter ()
Manual: Velocity Search UI (2014-12-15)

See VelocityResponseWriter


Wiki: SolrJ (2013-08-20)
Manual: Using SoplrJ (2015-01-15)






Wiki: SolrJ1.3 (2010-07-13 )
Manual: Manual: Using SoplrJ (2015-01-15)


Wiki: SolrJboss (2013-01-06)
Manual: N/A

JBoss is not mentioned in the Solr manual, other than in the comment section of Running Solr.


Wiki: SolrJetty (2014-11-12)
Manual: Running Solr on Jetty (2015-01-15)


Wiki: SolrJmx (2012-04-18)
Manual: Using JMX with Solr (2014-12-13)

The content of the two documents are virtually the same in the three sections about configurations (one was likely copied to the other). The wiki contains an additional section about remote connections to Solr JMX.


Wiki: SolrJS (2013-05-06)
Manual: N/A

Depreciated. Redirects to Ajax-Solr for a working javascript client.


Wiki: SolrLogging (2014-04-19)
Manual: Configuring Logging(2015-01-15)

The wiki provides substantially more information than the manual on logging configuration. Rather than link the user to the wiki page, it may be more feasible to copy over the relevant information to the manual.


Wiki: SolrMonitoring(2014-02-23)
Manual: Various


Wiki: SolrOnAmazonEC2 (2013-06-12)
Manual: N/A

No page in the manual specifically covers Amazon EC2, but the wiki page extensively covers the web service ( It can serve as a basis for a manual page, should it be necessary to add one in a later release.


Wiki: SolrOnWindowsAzuere (2012-06-07)
Manual: N/A

The content of this page is light, essentially informing the user that Windows Azure is compatible with Solr and providing a Github link for further information.


Wiki: SolrOperationsTools(2014-09-24)
Manual: N/A

This document is obsolete. Scripts were superseded by the ReplicationHandler in Solr 1.4.


Wiki: SolrPerformanceData(2014-09-19)
Manual: N/A

This page is a collection of user experiences related to Solr's performance.


Wiki: SolrPerformanceFactors (2014-02-23)
Manual: N/A

This is a listing of the different factors that effect Solr's performance.


Wiki: SolrPerformanceProblems (2015-01-07)
Manual: N/A

This is a listing of typical problems and troubleshooting solutions associated with Sor.


Wiki: SolrPluginRepository (2009-09-20)
Manual: N/A

This wiki page is outdated. It was intended to be a page where user-built plugins can be linked, but it only contains one item (Multi-Part Plugin).

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