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[DIFF] 11:13 [INFO] StefanSperling [1-4] #01 typos; discuss a native way of handling the merge operation case
#02 fix merge source url
#03 fix formatting errors
#04 Initial notes on how the resolver can deal with incoming moves
[DIFF] 10:27 [INFO] StefanSperling
[DIFF] 14:13 [INFO] JulianFoad I'm no longer working at WANdisco.
[DIFF] 20:25 [INFO] StefanFuhrmann [1-6] #01 Upload of attachment 'todo-list.JPG'.
#02 Upload of attachment 'pipelining.JPG'.
#03 Upload of attachment 'node-API.JPG'.
#04 Upload of attachment 'log-traversal.JPG'.
#05 Upload of attachment 'fsfs-deltification. JPG'.
[DIFF] 02:06 [INFO] StefanFuhrmann Update after resolution of the last non-doc issues.
[DIFF] 17:00 [INFO] JulianFoad Correct the format of svn:global-ignores prop values -- issue #4380.
[DIFF] 17:22 [INFO] brane
[DIFF] 14:27 [INFO] Antispam subsystem

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