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The Tapestry PMC has voted in several new committers to the project: Dan Gredler, Marcus Schulte and Ben Dotte.

Of course, Ben Dotte is unable to contribute since his CLA has not been recorded, despite repeated snail-mail and FAX copies being sent. This has dragged on for nearly two months. This is completely unacceptable and has fueled discussions about pulling out of Apache.

Tapestry 4.1

Jesse has pulled together the optimized OGNL, and following a vote, release 4.1.2 has been unleashed.

Tapestry 5

Progress has slowed slightly on Tapestry 5, but new features continue to be added. A vote to release a new preview release, Tapestry 5.0.5, ran succesfully. Ajax features for T5 are just around the corner.

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