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Notes on using JMX clients

When running a JMX client (JConsole, VisualVM) on the same machine as the target JVM process it is possible to connect without pre-configuring a JMX port, using the local connector stub. This method relies on being able to create a protected temporary file, accessible only to a user with administrator privileges. Java processes which are accessible via the local connector will automatically appear in the client.

NB(1) On Windows, this means that the temporary directory must be located on an NTFS formatted disk. See the following link for more details.

NB(2) On Windows, if Tomcat is started using a service wrapper, this will prevent JConsole & VisualVM from using the local JMX connector stub.

JConsole and Remote Management FAQ

From Java 6 a process needn't have the management agent enabled when it starts, as the Attach API permits the management agent to be activated on demand.

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