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[DIFF] 17:41 [INFO] ChristopherSchultz Updated to add ability to skip TLS hostname verification
[DIFF] 14:59 [INFO] LucaVisconti Update Open Gate section
[DIFF] 08:54 [INFO] VioletaGeorgieva
[DIFF] 08:05 [INFO] markt [1-2] #01 Drop link to missing png
#02 Correct version
[DIFF] 12:39 [INFO] KonstantinKolinko Add mention of containerSciFilter option of Context (Though I do not have time for a lengthy explanation now).
[DIFF] 14:12 [INFO] KonstantinKolinko [1-2] #01 Add links to HTTP/2 RFCs
#02 Update info on HTTP/2 in Firefox. Firefox 34 has already been released.
[DIFF] 01:05 [INFO] KonstantinKolinko [1-2] #01 Recommend using CATALINA_OPTS. Using JAVA_OPTS to set memory settings is a bad idea.
#02 Remove comment about memory leak during JSP recompliation. Tomcat 4.1 docs said to set fork="true" in Jasper due to leaks in Sun's javac. http://tomcat.apache .org/tomcat-4.1-doc/ jasper-howto.html
[DIFF] 16:24 [INFO] theimpaler [1-3]
[DIFF] 03:38 [INFO] theimpaler [1-4] #01 Upload of attachment 'TomcatGridCliManage r2.png'.
#02 Upload of attachment 'TomcatGridCliManage r1.png'.
#03 Upload of attachment 'TomcatGridWebManage r.png'.
[DIFF] 03:20 [INFO] theimpaler
[DIFF] 02:39 [INFO] theimpaler
[DIFF] 02:33 [INFO] theimpaler

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