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'''1. Olingo Library Extension - OData JPA Processor'''

 * [[ojp-howto-custom-jpa-processor| How to write Custom OData JPA Processor ]]
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Olingo V4 Roadmap Proposal  * [[Olingo%20Roadmap%20Proposal | Olingo V4 Roadmap Proposal ]]

Olingo Wiki

What is the Apache Olingo Project?

Apache Olingo is a Java library that implements the Open Data Protocol (OData). Apache Olingo serves client and server aspects of OData. It currently supports OData 2.0 and will also support OData 4.0. The latter is the OASIS version of the protocol: OASIS Open Data Protocol (OData) TC.

The extensions part of Olingo contains additional features like the support of JPA persistency or annotated bean classes.

See the Olingo website for more product information: http://olingo.incubator.apache.org/

What is this Wiki for?

This wiki is intended to serve as technical documentation and discussion point for commiters and contributers.

Current Topics

Olingo V4 Roadmap Proposal

Olingo OData Version 2 Discussions

1. Olingo Library Extension - OData JPA Processor

Olingo OData Version 4 Discussions

Interesting starting points:

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