Ant 1.7 Planning Section

Pre-release Actions


Features can still be added during the Beta phase, in the RC1/Release period bug fixes and feature removal only.

Projects we depend on and their forthcoming releases

Projects that depend upon us, and their cutoff dates


''Must Have'' Features

These are the features that hold the build; fallbacks to be listed. To add something here you must be prepared to implement it, or know someone who is. Everything needs a name.

''Must Have'' Features Implemented

''Must Have'' Features Downgraded

''Want'' Features

Less critical, but still nice. Adding here is also a statement of intent.

''Want'' Features Implemented

''Like'' Features

Less important stuff.

''Like'' Features Implemented

Bugs to Fix

With bugzilla URLs and summary text, please.


Platforms to test on. We may want to formally remove support for platforms that are unsupported by their vendor. That means Java1.2 and Win98.

Linux Platforms should cover common distros: RHEL, Suse. Debian (Ubuntu)?. SysV Unix can be delegated to the vendors, say AIX and HPUX. Solaris is also a possibility, if a VMware image is available.


Old JDKs can be downloaded from Suns archive


MAY Pass

WONTFIX this release

Definitely not in this release. Pull stuff down here when scrubbed from the previous lists.

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