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[http://cvs.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.py/metamorphosis/centipede2/src/java/org/krysalis/centipede2/ant/ImportAntletTask.java?view=markup sample code] [[http://cvs.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.py/metamorphosis/centipede2/src/java/org/krysalis/centipede2/ant/ImportAntletTask.java?view=markup|sample code]]

Antlets are designed to be (optionally) downloaded and imported by the importantlet task sample code


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<project default="dist" basedir="." name="hello-world">
        <description>Helloworld template project.</description>
{{{    <typedef resource="org/apache/ant/antlet/antlib.xml"     /> 

    <importantlet name="init" href="http://ant.apache.org/antlets" />      <target name="dist" >        <echo message="Build dir is defined in init as ${build.dir}"/>       </target>  </project>

  • }}}

This will download and automatically import http://ant.apache.org/antlets/init/xbuild.xml Which looks like

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<project  basedir="." name="init.antlet">
        <description>Standard Init.</description>
{{{   <property name="build.dir" value="${basedir}/build}" /> 

   <mkdir dir="${build.dir}"/> 


  • }}}

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