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   * [[http://bit.ly/IYbIzn|Compro oro]]

Welcome to the Ant Wiki

|| http://ant.apache.org/images/ant_logo_large.gif || This is the Apache Wiki for the Apache Ant project. It contains documentation submitted by logged in Wiki users. If you wish to use any information in the wiki, be advised that the accuracy of all user-supplied information cannot be guaranteed. In particular, you cannot trust this or any other wiki to be a reliable source of security-sensitive information. Review all code and configuration data carefully.

If you wish to contribute, please create a user profile and log in. Unfortunately we've been receiving more spam than we can handle so after you have created your profile you need to ask on either the user or dev list once and your profile will be granted the right to edit existing or create new pages.

Project Page: http://ant.apache.org/

  • ANT = [A]nother [N]eat [T]ool (as described in the FAQ)

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