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[http://ant.apache.org/manual/CoreTasks/defaultexcludes.html the task's manual] [[http://ant.apache.org/manual/CoreTasks/defaultexcludes.html|the task's manual]]

the task's manual

Your editor always creates backup files under the name *.backup and you want to ignore them just like **/*~?

  <defaultexcludes add="**/*.backup"/>

and it has become a default exclude pattern. You can even remove it again at a later point or reset the list of patterns to the built-in list (that still exists).

If you can't remember which patterns make up the default excludes, run

  <defaultexcludes echo="true"/>

If you need to, you can also remove an item or three from the default excludes temporarily, like maybe...

  <target name="dangerous-cvs-stuff">
    <defaultexcludes remove="**/CVS"/>
    <defaultexcludes remove="**/CVS/**"/>
    <defaultexcludes remove="*.backup"/>

    <copy todir="../reposbackup">
      <fileset dir="/usr/cvs/myRepos"/>
    <copy todir="../wdbackup">
      <fileset dir="."/>

    <defaultexcludes default="true"/>
    <defaultexcludes add="**/*.backup"/>
    (do stuff with cvs task that you havn't tested yet)


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