ApacheCon is the official conference of the Apache Software Foundation, held regularly in the US and Europe. Learn more by following @ApacheCon on Twitter.

Please join us at ApacheCon (schedule). ApacheCon 2018 will be held at the !Montréal Marriott Chateau Champlain, in Montreal, Canada, from September 22nd till the 24th,2018. Register now!

Alongside ApacheCon and Big Data, we have the following co-located events from our projects:

Past ApacheCons and More Events

ApacheCon & Apache Big Data Europe November 2016

Apache: Big Data and ApacheCon Europe were held in lovely Seville, Spain last November. Big Data started the week with content from the creators of the many big data tools you hear about every day, and ApacheCon ended the week with community and development learning from the world's experts in the Apache Way.

We've got slides posted from ApacheCon and from Apache: Big Data Europe 2016 for those who missed our great events.

ApacheCon History - Back To 1999!

If you're interested in Slides, Audio recordings, Videos of talks etc from our past events, please see the Past Conference Resources page for links to those by conference. More general resources for speakers at ApacheCon are available.

Past Apache BarCamps

BarCamps are smaller unconferences where the attendees make the schedule and participate in building the conference on-site. Contact us if you're interested in helping run a barcamp in your location.




Montreal, Canada

24th November 2018


Seville, Spain

16th November 2014


Budapest, Hungary

30th November 2015


Budapest, Hungary

20th November 2014


Denver, USA

10th April 2014


Portland, USA

24th February 2013


Bangalore, India

30th March 2013

Washington DC, USA

19th May 2012

Colombo, Sri Lanka

26-27th February 2012

on barcamp.org

Sydney, Australia

10 December 2011

on barcamp.org

Vancouver, Canada

12 November 2011

on barcamp.org

Vancouver, Canada

8 November 2011

on barcamp.org

Seville, Spain

8 October 2011

Oxford, UK

11 September 2011

on barcamp.org

Sydney, Australia

11 December 2010

on barcamp.org

Atlanta, USA

1-2 November 2010

on barcamp.org

Oakland, USA

2-3 November 2009

on barcamp.org

Oxford, UK

5 April 2009

on barcamp.org

Amsterdam, Netherlands

23-24 March 2009

New Orleans, USA

4 November 2008

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