ApacheCon North America 2014

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7th April - 11th April, Main Conference: 7-9 April


Denver, Colorado / DenverTips


Full Schedule on the ApacheCon website

Community Events

Sunday 6th

(none so far)

Monday 7th Daytime

Daily Hackathons | Fast Feather Track

Monday 7th Evening

Committers Reception | (No meetups/talks so far)

Tuesday 8th Evening

Lightning Talks | (No meetups/talks so far)

Wednesday 9th Evening

Closing Reception | (No meetups/talks so far)

Thursday 10th

BarCampApacheDenver | TrafficServer

Friday 11th

Tomcat, TrafficServer

Mon-Weds Daytime

Daily Hackathons

What Else

Who Arrives When (includes lift sharing and room sharing)

Content Committee

Fast Feather Track



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