OS Summit Asia 2007 will be held at the Cyberport in Hong Kong. This page is reserved for information about Hong Kong, the venue and what to do while you're here. Feel free to edit and leave questions at the bottom of the page.


If you haven't already, check out the Wikipedia and Wikitravel pages for Hong Kong. List other good references you find here:


About Hong Kong

If you don't speak Cantonese (the dialect of Chinese spoken in Hong Kong), don't worry about it. English is a common second (or third) language here.

Geographically, Hong Kong is located on a peninsula and several islands on the southern tip of China. Hong Kong Island is the heart of the city, particularly the northern side (this is where Hong Kong Central is located). Across the Victoria Bay to the north is Kowloon, the southern edge of the peninsula. North of Kowloon are the New Territories. The other major island is Lantau where the airport is located.

About the Cyberport

The Cyberport is a new IT office and conference center on the _southern_ side of Hong Kong Island. It includes a shopping arcade, movie theatre, hotel (Le Meridian), office buildings and conference rooms. The layout of the facility can be a bit confusing, so pick up a map.

The immediate area around the Cyberport mostly consists of residential apartments. There is some shopping, including restaurants and a grocery store, at the facility itself. For anything else, and for most tourist activities, you'll want to head off to other areas of Hong Kong.

Getting Around

Hong Kong has great public transportation that includes taxis, buses, trolleys, subways (the MTR) and light rail trains (the KCR). Unfortunately, there are no direct links on the MTR or KCR at the Cyberport. So going to and from the conference center will require buses (there are several and they're cheap) or taxis. A shuttle will be provided for those who stay in the Sheraton Hotel in Kowloon.

You can use _octopus cards_ to pay for travel on the MTR, KCR, Airport Express train, and busses (not taxis). Short term _octopus cards_ can be purchased or you can simply purchase single trip tickets.

From the Airport to the Cyberport

You can take a taxi directly from the airport to the Cyberport. Rough estimate is around $300 HKD (_note_: need to confirm this amount). If you want to take public transportation, you would:

Things to Do

Several activities are already planned in the evenings of the conference, but if you want to explore Hong Kong on your own (or are staying round for a few days), here are some sites to see and things to do:

More out of the way excursions include:

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