See Getting Around below to get to the hotel, and read our Packing Tips for Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Sights And Maps

An annotated Google Map around the Moevenpick is available. NOTE: there has been significant construction since the Google satellite images were taken!

The comprehensive description of sights Amsterdam has to offer is available at Steven Pemberton's website

David Reid has posted a Feathercast Podcast about visiting Amsterdam for ApacheCon.

Walking in Amsterdam

Reminder: bicycles and trams are major transportation options in Amsterdam. When walking on most streets, be sure to stay on the sidewalk. There will often be a narrow red roadway with a dashed line; this is only for bikes and mopeds. Then there will be one or more lanes for cars. Then there will also be a set of tram tracks. This makes for interesting sets of stoplights (cars, bikes, trams, and crosswalks).

Getting Around / Getting to the Hotel

This may not be the best way to get from the airport to the hotel and back, but it'll do the job! We definitely recommend taking the train to Centraal, since a cab to the hotel is 37EUR.

Moevenpick Guide

If you're staying at the Moevenpick, here are some key tips - especially tips for US travelers to the continent. We also have a Packing List of things you might not think of.

Restaurant and Bar Guide

Anyone want to comment on their favorite places to eat? Reminder: many shops and some restaurants may close earlier than you are used to.

For dining, you can simply walk down Leidseplein and find a wide variety of places. Steven Pemberton's website is an excellent resource as well.

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