I'll be hosting a Meetup to talk about branding at Apache and at our projects, open source trademarks, and other brainstorming ideas for getting the good message out about the Apache way.

Apache Branding And Trademarks Meetup

Come join me - Shane Curcuru, VP, Brand Management at the ASF - for a meetup to discuss Apache branding and trademark issues. We can cover basic trademark issues and proper use, talk through issues with Apache project brands, brainstorm ideas for better presenting Apache projects and communities to the public.

Wednesday night, 9-November, 8pm - 10pm in Salon F

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Interested people: please feel free to add your name below, or simply email trademarks@apache.org if you're interested in attending, or if you have ideas to talk about or topics you'd like to see covered.

See the official listing of all the Meetups in the conference schedule.

Potential Discussion Items

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