ApacheCon North America 2013 Meetups

Every evening of the main conference (Tuesday-Thursday), we'll have various Early Evening Community Events. From 8pm, we'll then switch over to project-specific and topic-area-specific events. These Meetups / BoFs (Birds Of A Feather) / Get-Togethers will all be on site, and are free to all - conference registration is not required to attend, and we hope to get plenty of local attendees too!

Meetup/BoF Grid

Some meetups have been confirmed, and a few are still provisional. To help us plan, if you see a topic below that interests you, please +1 it so we know it has momentum. If your community isn't listed, add a new proposed talk in the "No Day Assigned" section, and we can confirm it nearer the time if there's demand!

Meetup Title/Link



Brief Description

Interested People Counter Add one if you're interested any meetup!


Kafka Meetup

Galleria 1

Neha Narkhede


Tika Meetup

Galleria 2

Chris Mattman

Tika meetup + hackathon



Lucene Meetup

Galleria 1

Erik Hatcher

Lucene meetup + hackathon



ApacheCon Europe 2013/2014?

Galleria 1

Nick Burch

When do we want the next ACEU, and what should we ask of the producer for it?


No Day Assigned


Benson Margulies

anyone with questions about potential new projects at the ASF


SourceForge <3 Apache

Rich Bowen

Discussion of How SF assisted OpenOffice, and how we might assist other projects.


Software patents

Deb Nicholson

What can or should be done? How much risk is there for Apache projects?



Rich Bowen

FeatherCast (feathercast.org) is the unofficial ASF podcast. Or, it was when I had more time. I need your help. Come hear about what FeatherCast is about and how you can be part of it


The main two rooms being used for Meetups are Galleria 1 and Galleria 2, which are on the lower level and host tracks during the day. Other rooms may be available too, ask at registration.

Offsite Meetups

If you are hosting an Apache-related Meetup during the week of ApacheCon NA 2013 between 24th Feb and the 2nd March, please feel free to add the name, brief description, and a link to your Meetup page here. We would suggest that most Meetups try to occur during the 5 days of the Conference, but events on the weekends before and after can work too!

What is a Meetup?

Read our detailed description of ApacheMeetups - they're similar to other Meetups, but focused on Apache projects or technologies - and they're often held in the evenings onsite at ApacheCon! .


Meetups are great, but meetups with drinks are often even better! If you might be able to help out by sponsoring a meetup, please see the ApacheCon Sponsorship page

Available Rooms

The Open Bastion will add details of the available rooms here later

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