Information for ApacheCon Attendees

"ApacheCon" is a very technical conference, with plenty of business mixed in - more so every year. While you will see some attendees walking down the hall IRC'ing on their open laptops, many other attendees are just carrying a notepad. There's something for everyone!

Please be sure to explore the official website for special events and BOF sessions, which are held every night, except for Friday.

Laptop users take note: while we make every effort to provide power throughout the conference (US - 120volts) there are limits to how many power strips we can safely plug into the conference center's outlets. Wired network access will be provided in selected areas and in an On-line Lounge, but wireless networking is the preferred way to go. Our wireless networking volunteers (experts from similar conferences) will ensure plenty of browsing bandwidth throughout the conference.

Network Access ApacheCon US 2007

Hotel guests: if you registered for the Special Conference package (where you register for both the conference and the hotel in the room block), please note: your in-room wired ethernet access is free. Simply plugin your laptop, hit any website, and when the Westin "Get Connected" screen comes up select the 24 hour pass. It lists a $14.95 charge, which you should accept. All charges for attendees at the Westin in the room block will be waived on the final bill, so you won't be charged.

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