Berkeley DB Beer/Pizza BOF

Sally Khudairi

Berkeley DB is an enormously popular piece of software. More than two hundred million copies are deployed world-wide, in packages as varied as Linux, Sendmail and OpenLDAP and in products from vendors like Cisco, Sun and EMC. Berkeley DB is easily accessible from Apache via a variety of mod_ packages, and supports developers building Web-facing apps in languages like Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP and others. Sleepycat's newer products, Berkeley DB Java Edition and Berkeley DB XML, have become popular in open source projects as well.

Mike Olson and Rex Wang from Sleepycat propose to hold a beer and pizza BoF with ApacheCon attendees interested in Berkeley DB. We view this as an opportunity to get together to talk about use cases, design practices, problems, product roadmap, possible features, licensing, balancing business and technical issues and pretty much anything else people want to discuss. We'd like to hear from the community, and we will be glad to talk about what we're doing at Sleepycat and what we are planning for the future.

This will be an informal session. We will likely make a short prepared presentation to kick things off, then open the floor to questions and discussion.

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