CAcert will have a booth at the conference! You can stop by any time at the booth to have your ID verified and to get more information about CAcert. You will also be able to get your GPG/PGP keys cross-signed at the booth as well if you can't make it to the PgpKeySigning event on Monday evening.

Get your FREE CACert certificate assured at the conference

Muich like with PGP there is a web of trust built up for SSL and email certificates. The certificates can be used from most of today's e-mail programs and web browsers. For example you can also obtain server certificates from CA cert for free.

To have your X.509 digital certificate assured you need to come to the conference well prepared:

  1. Prepare a personal account (login account) now, before the conference. Go to and create an account, following the instructions on the site. You now have defined your account/password pair. and have provided some of your personal data (date of birth, nationality, ID number, etc.).

  2. Create your certificate and forward the public key part to the CA. See the CA web site for more instructions. You have now created a private key (usually stored within your browser profile), and published the corresponding public key to the CA.
  3. For CAcert print off an assurance document. This form is also called the CAcert Identity Verification Form (WoT Form in PDF format with your name and email address). At the conference we will have extra forms (without your details of course) available for you for your convenience. For every assurance you're going to make, you need a completed form.
  4. Before going to the Apachecon conference make sure you have finished at least the first two steps and bring with you at least one formal document: your identification ID(s). If you have more as one formal ID the better you are, as you will collect more points in one assurance session. At least one ID should contain a photo.
  5. Note that if you do not create an account ahead of time, you can still have your ID checked. You can get assured then create your account later that evening and we can add your points at that time. Simply bring 2 forms of ID, at least one having a photo, and we'll explain the rest of the process there.

The CA certificate assurance policy works as follows:

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