OSSummit Asia 2007 will now be held in 2008 (dates still to be determined). However, if you still find yourself coming to Hong Kong this November, leave your name and email address and leave some ideas of what you might want to do. If there are a few of us, perhaps we could organize a informal get-together. For example, I (AaronFarr) have already spoken with the Hong Kong Open Source Software Center here in Hong Kong and they've offered to provide space and even a little promotion if someone still wanted to do a presentation, forum or just group discussion.



Dates in Hong Kong

Contact info

Aaron Farr

Nov 26...

farra at apache dot org

Noirin Plunkett

Nov 25 - Dec 4

noirin at apache dot org

Stephen Shirley

Nov 25 - Dec 4

w/ Noirin

Jukka Zitting

Dec 1 (perhaps earlier) - Dec 9

jukka at apache dot org

Xiao-Feng Li

Nov 27 - Dec 1


Andrei Lissovski

Nov 29... (based in HK)

alissovski (a) softwaregoodness com


Leave ideas here for what you might want to do or talk about or who you'd like to meet, etc.

Noirin: Mostly interested in ABC (anything but code!) - business, community, copyright, design, documentation, licensing...

Stephen: Interested in hacking (mostly Apache) and the death & destruction of mod_rewrite :-)

Jukka: Open source in Asia, local developers, does the Apache Way work with eastern cultures? Also, hacking on various cool stuff and learning about new projects. Hacking/planning the ApacheCon web site?

Xiao-Feng: Interested in runtime systems and programming languages, focused in garbage collection, JIT compilation, etc., technologies.

Andrei: All things Eclipse, meeting other hackers.

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