Apache Asia Roadshow - August, 2010 Shanghai, China

Invitation Letter

Apache RoadShow is a global event of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). Apache Software Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 1999. It operates the Apache open source community, one of the largest and most successful of its kind in the world. Its projects are mostly related to enterprise computing, especially in the Web application and Java platform area. The ASF produces many popular software projects for developers and enterprises, including Apache HTTP Server, Subversion version control system, Harmony Java runtime, Tomcat Web Container, Geronimo Java EE application server, Struts Web framework, Derby database and many others.

Each year, Apache Software Foundation hosts events around the world to facilitate discussions on the evolvement of open source movement and to present the latest Apache products and technology. These events provide a platform for open source developers and users to meet and communicate, and are regarded as first-class open source events. Apache Asia Roadshow is the name of this year's Apache event in Asia.

Last year's event took place in Beijing, attended by ASF president Justin Erenkrantz, ASF director and Subversion co-founder Greg Stein, and China OSS Promotion Union president Lu Shou Qun. Participants include people from Intel, IBM, Google, ASF, Mozilla and Eclipse community and others. See http://wiki.apache.org/apachecon/ApacheRoadshowAsia09Beijing for more details.

The topic of this year's event is open source and emerging technology, directed at software developers, university students and anyone that loves open source. The goal is to provide an opportunity for showcase and communication, and to help people understand what's going on in ASF and other open source communities. It will be a gathering of developers, users and companies, talking about technologies, sharing experiences and best practices, exchanging ideas, and making friends! The technology areas include, but are not limited to,

This event is planned to take place in August. Expected audience number is 400. It will last for two days, early agenda below.


Keynotes: Justin Erenkrantz, president of ASF

Tim Ellison (Not confirmed), VP, Apache Harmony

Technical sessions: will call for submissions


Keynotes: Zhang Bin Yu, Director in Parallel Processing Institute of Fudan University

More TBD

Technical sessions: will call for submissions

We welcome your participation in various forms -

1. As co-host. You can provide sponsorship, help with the logistics, or simply offer a venue. As a pay-back, your company's logo can be printed in Ads and souvenirs of the event.

2. As a keynote speaker, to present your topic in the gold timeslot. The speaker is expected to be an influential and insightful person in the open source community or a certain technology area.

3. As a technical session speaker. There will be a call for submissions soon, open to everybody. A review committee in ASF will review the submissions and select the topics to be presented in the event.

4. As the audience - it's free and open.

Event host: Apache Software Foundation

Undertaker: Apache Committers in China, JavaEye.com, more TBD

Sponsors: TBD

Media:javaeye.com, more TBD

Primary contact: tonywu@apache.org (Wu Yue Hao)

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