Lift Sharing to/from the Apache Retreat 2011

In order to be good guests, please try not to come to the hostel before 4pm on Friday, unless you're staying over from Thursday night!

Parking at the hostel is limited. If you don't need to drive, please don't! Lifts will be available from Bray DART Station as needed. If you do drive, please give lifts!

Event Details

Signup Site

Hostel Site

Hostel Address

Knockree Youth Hostel, Lacken House, Knockree, Near Enniskerry, Co Wicklow

Driving Directions

Google OIGE

Lifts from Bray (Nearest DART)

We're going to be providing lifts from the Bray BART station to/from the hostel. The main times for this will be Friday afternoon/evening, Saturday morning + evening (for day barcampers + late arrivals), Sunday evening and Monday morning.

If you're going to be after a lift, please fill in the details below, so we know roughly when to send cars to pick people up. We'd suggest that you ring one of these numbers:

when you're about 30 minutes out, so we can co-ordinate the lift.

For the return journey, we'll have a paper signup site at the hostel.


Approx arrival time + day at Bray

Apache ID / email


John "The Example" Smith

Friday 5:00pm


Rainer Jung

Saturday 0:35am

Arrival either 0:05 or 0:35 from DUB via "aircoach" bus

Lift sharing offered

Are you going to be driving from the airport or ferry terminal? If so, please list your details here so that you can offer people lifts!


From Where

Date+Approx Time

Giving a lift to

Spare Spaces

Nick Burch (nick)

Dublin Ferry Port / City Centre

Friday, 2:00pm



Zoe Slattery (zoe)


Friday, arriving 8:10 BE382 delayed from Southampton, will wait for Paolo C then go

Bill Rowe (wrowe arr 8:30 EI124), Paolo Castagna (arr 08:55 on Ryanair 505), Robert BD (rdonkin arr 07:25 on Ryanair 153 from LBA)


Alasdair Nottingham (not)


Friday, arriving 08:10 BE382 delayed from Southampton. will wait for Greg S then go (about 11:20)

Paul Querna (pquerna arr 10:00), Greg Stein (gstein arr 10:50)


Mark Thomas (markt)


Friday arr 13:15 EI0158, will wait for Stefan then go (can wait a little later if required)

Philip Martin (philip - arr 12:45), Stefan Fritsch (sf - if plane is on time, arr 13:25 EI0353)


Greg would like to find a ride closer to his 10:50am arrival time, but failing that... will join Mark.

Lift sharing requested

Are you after a lift from the airport or ferry? List your details here if so. Once you find something suitable in the offered column, move yourself up there. If you can't find a suitable lift, then catch the DART to Bray, and we'll ferry you from there. (Details on the site above)


From Where

Date+Approx Time

Apache ID / email

Toma┼ż Muraus


Friday, 6:00pm

Justin Erenkrantz (+ 2)


Saturday, 7:00am

Other Travellers

Are your plans not covered by any of the options listed? Other comments?

Name (Apache ID)

From Where

Date+Approx Time



Kevin Meyer (kevin)


Wednesday, 11:00am

Public Transport

Early at Knockree? Join me for a hike...

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