The OLPC Laptop| is a unique machine with features created specifically for children. However it is virtually worthless without a supporting ecosystem. Apart from mundane things, such as power and some for of connectivity - the key enabler is integrate this tool into the learning environment.

Doing so requires several things:

Now one of the bootstrap issues is that none of this is in place.

The approach of OLPC is to firmly approach this bottom up. Following that cue - the obvious step is ensuring some sort of provisioning platform which allows a few 10's to 100's of OLPCs to function within an educational environment. Ensures that people can get their materials, collaborate, interact, print.

XS is the name of the SchoolServer.

It will be schipped with XO's (olpc laptops) on their projects. The purpose is to server schools with:

Hardware is


Purpose of the BOF:


Find us at the OLPC stand in the main hall, at the BOF or later on:



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