Please post information here on how to get to Portland, how to get to the hotel, things to do in the evening, things to do before/after etc! Contributions from everyone are welcome, both text and links other resources

Getting from Portland International Airport to the Conference Hotel

The TriMet MAX Red line serves the Portland Airport. At Pioneer Courthouse Square in downtown, the Red Line is only 1-2 blocks north of the Portland Hilton hotel towers Downtown Map.

There are MAX transit ticket kiosks that will take cash and credit cards at every stop. You can purchase a single ticket for all-day having unlimited trips for a nominal price. The tickets for the MAX train are also good for the Metro bus routes. ($2.50 for 2-hours, $5.00 for all day)

It is very easy to get to the MAX stop. Coming down the escalators to the baggage carousels, turn right and go to the end. Ticket machines are on your left. Proceed outside and the MAX trains are about 50 ft away. This is by far the easiest and usually fastest way to get downtown.

Getting from the Amtrak station to the Conference Hotel

The Amtrak Cascades train service links Portland with Seattle, Vancouver and Eugene. (There are 3 services per day between Eugene and Portland, and 5 services per day between Vancouver/Seattle and Portland). Details and timetables are on the Amtrak Cascades Timetable site. Tickets from Seattle start at $24, and rise to about $100 for a ticket from Vancouver bought on the day. (As with planes, book early for a better price!)

To get between the Amtrak station to the hotel: I haven't tried it but walking to the MAX stop at NW 5th and Glisan and taking MAX to Pioneer Place/SW 5th looks best. If you go to the MAX stop on 6th and Hoyt you will have a very long trip over the river and eventually back again.

Vehicle Parking Garages near to the Hilton

Parking in downtown Portland is at a premium. Here are some parking garages near the Portland Hilton Hotel.

5th & Taylor Park

Metropolitan Garage / 5th & Salmon

City Center Parking / Small Garage / 10th & Taylor

Taylor Street Park / South Park / 9th & Taylor

Star Park / 6th & Alder

Smart Park / 10th & Yamhill / 730 10th

Congress Center / 6th & Salmon

Portland Visitor Information

Places for the evening

Local Restaurants, Bars, Wineries & Breweries sponsored by

Wanted - what good bars are nearby the Hilton / worth going the extra distance too?

Wanted - what places to eat that are good are near the Hilton?

Wanted - is there a good "foodie" restaurant for a fancy meal one night?

The Portland Spirit is a good Willamette River cruise ship for evening dining. Reservations are required. Their office is at the waterfront.

The historic Heathman Hotel, Restaurant and Bar 1001 SW Broadway, offers excellent food and bar accommodations (phone: 503-790-7752). It is located near the Hilton.

Other Open Source Events

One of the most complete calendars of open source events in the Portland area.


A brief trip to the east side of the Willamette River gives you walking access to the Rose Garden (home of Portland Trail Blazers Basketball), the Portland Convention Center, and the Lloyd Shopping Center.

The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) is just south on the east bank of the Willamette River. You may wish to take the bus to OMSI.

The movie theater district of Portland is on Broadway, just outside the hotel.

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