ApacheCon North America 2013 Post-Conference Hackathons

At ApacheCon NA 2013, we have a large hackathon taking place on Monday 25th. There are also going to be other project related events, such as the Early Evening Community Events and ApacheMeetupsNA13

Some projects may wish to run their own larger, dedicated hackathons after the conference, on Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd March.

Confirmed Post-Conference Hackathons

Friday 1st March

None yet, please check back nearer the time

Saturday 2nd March

None yet, please check back nearer the time

Interested in having a project specific hackathon?

Is your project interested in running a project-specific hackathon, in addition to taking part in the main main Monday hackathon? It could be in the conference venue, off-site hosted by a company in your project space, or off-site in a community venue. If so, please list it below, then get in touch with the ApacheCon Planners to discuss possible locations.

Interested in attending a project-specific hackathon? If the project is listed below, and don't have a signup page yet, please +1 it so the project knows how many to expect. Project not there? Get in touch with other developers to get one happening!

Interested in sponsoring a hackathon? (Hackathons always work better with food and drink!) Get in touch with the project to make sure something is happening, then drop an email to the ApacheCon Planners and we can put you in touch with suitable people to sort out the sponsorship.

Project / Topic

Main Organiser

Brief Summary

Proposed Day

Signup Details / Interested Counter

Apache Foo

Jim 'Example' Smith

Let's work towards Apache Foo 2.0! Coders and testers welcome



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