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Coffee and Ice Cream

A nifty interactive brand-location map. Coffe and Ice cream

Dailey's Restaurant is a half block away to the east on International Blvd. Very nice service and food; small menu but very tasty stuff. Prices ranged from $20 for the chicken entree to $36 for filet; includes on vegetarian dish and several fish dishes. Desserts are innovative and huge servings.

Churchill Grounds – Great Restaurant & Jazz Club - (see website for list of performers)

Blind Willies Blues Bar

Open Mon-Sat at 7PM - ?? (see website for list of performers)

Dante’s Down the Hatch

Great Fondue Restaurant & with a wonderful Jazz Band each night. It’s a little pricey ~ $25 a plate, but worth it!

The owner is a famous crocodile breeder and he has a “ship” inside the restaurant. The jazz band plays inside the ship … it’s usually between $7 & $10 to sit in the ship where the band plays. Outside of the ship's perimeter are actual crocodiles in a moat sort of area. Very Cool.

== Haveli Indian Cuisine ==

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