ApacheCon Wi-Fi Network

ApacheCon offers wifi coverage of the entire show area, including a small selection of wired ethernet ports. Many attendees expect to be online during the bulk of the conference.

Technical details will be provided shortly before the conference.

ApacheCon US 2008 Wi-Fi Network

The SSID of the network is "APACHECON". We recommend to not use other wifi networks in the conference area.

We have both a wired and Wifi (11b, 11a) network at apachecon. It is a simple NAT-ed network with 20mbps of connectivity. There is no filtering but for tcp/port-25. If we missed any protocol (icmp, udp, tcp, ipencap and esp) - please let us know.

Should you need a wired connection, please let us, or any organizer, know.

Should you encounter any problems, let us know via IRC at #apachecon on Freenode), or come and find us in the room Poydras, or talk to the folks at the registration desk.


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