The iCal Files

The schedule for ApacheCon Europe 2006 is available in iCal format, here.

Because the overall schedule is so packed, you might want to download only particular tracks, or delete the sessions you're not interested in.

Reading iCal files on an iPod

You can use iSync to add these calendars to your iPod, by simply checking the appropriate boxes under the "Calendars" heading, on the tab for your iPod.

Alternatively, connect your iPod to your computer, open iTunes, and open the Preferences pane (Edit > Preferences, under Windows, or iTunes > Preferences on a Mac). Click the iPod button, and choose "Enable Disk Use".

If you're having problems, you can also try putting your iPod into Disk Mode following the instructions here

You'll need to reset your iPod afterwards, to take it out of Disk Mode. Instructions can be found here - and don't worry, resetting the iPod won't delete any of your music or files!

Once the iPod is set up to work as a normal disk drive, double-click the iPod icon on your desktop, or open it in a Finder/Explorer window, and simply drag the relevant .ics files to the Calendars folder on your iPod.

Remember to disconnect/eject your iPod in software, before yanking the cable!

To view the calendars on your iPod, look under Extras (in the iPod menu), then Calendars, to choose the calendar you want to view. You can scroll through the calendar to see what days have events associated with them (marked as bullet points), and then select a day to view its events.