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Repository Policies

Checksum format

Different tools on different platforms write checksum file in different formats. The standard agreed for the ASF repository is:

d1dcb0fbee884bb855bb327b8190af36 *commons-collections-3.1.jar

The name of the checksum file should be the original filename with ".md5" appended, in lowercase.

This is equivalent to the output of GNU md5sum, where "*" indicates a binary file.

It is recommended but optional to also store a SHA1 checksum, following the same guidelines. The extension in this case is ".sha1" in lowercase.

Some files will only include the sum and not the filename. Tools should also be able to parse this.


All directories should be group writeable in the repository, however no files should be group writable. This means that files can be removed but not changed without an explicit override.

Releases and SNAPSHOTs

At apache, projects using Maven should set:




The release manager uses -Dmaven.repo.list=apache.releases to publish to the other location. This can be enforced by permissions if we really have a problem.

Required new features

These are features required in Maven Wagon to support the repository:

Wagon's scope is really only transport though - uploading and downloading through a variety of providers with a common Java API. The repository layout code is no longer in there. It is in a separate component of Maven, so there can be some discussion on our end about whether that really makes it part of the Wagon project, but not the Wagon API. That's really administrative more than anything.

Repository Layout

Current ASFRepository proposed layout:

Maven-2 layout:

TODO: list differences as a way to bring them together if possible


Other Notes

From Henk:

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