Summary of Avalon container supplied context values:

Avalon Meta including alias mappings

Fortress: Starting from the first context and working up through all the parents:

   These are passed to the components.  Please note that "context-root" was at one time
   "app.home" until it got changed--I cannot remember the circumstances of that change.

   * impl.workDir        File (directory)  temporary directory
   * context-root        File (directory)  Context directory
   * component.logger          String   Component logger name
   *              String   ID used to locate the component

   * component.configuration   String   Configuration the configuration (removed from context before passing it to components)
   *            String   The short name of the component (removed from context before passing it to components)

   These represent values that are only used during configuration of Fortress, and are not passed to components

   * org.apache.excalibur.instrument.InstrumentManager
   * org.apache.excalibur.mpool.PoolManager
   * org.apache.avalon.framework.service.ServiceManager
   * org.apache.avalon.fortress.RoleManager
   * impl.logManager.config.uri
   * org.apache.avalon.fortress.util.LifecycleExtensionManager
   * impl.instrumentManager.config
   * org.apache.avalon.fortress.MetaInfoManager
   * impl.configuration
   * impl.roleManager.config
   * org.apache.avalon.excalibur.logger.LoggerManager
   * impl.class

   * impl.configuration.uri
   * impl.roleManager.config.uri
   * impl.logManager.config.uri
   * impl.instrumentManager.config.uri
   * impl.logcategory
   * impl.class

Phoenix                 String            application name               String            component name
app.home                 File (directory)  persistent directory

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