Supporting the new-style URLS

I'm in the process of getting components built by maven. In that case all that's needed is some info in project.xml and the command maven:deploy -Dversion=1.1.1 -Dtag=MYCOMP_1_1_1. However this is work in progress, so right now some manual steps are involved. This is a basic explanation of what you need to do:

Adding a new component

Two basic options:

This works like:

 # first put files up at avalon/excalibur/components/ like you're used to 


 # symlink to the component location as excalibur-$COMP_NAME/source and   # excalibur-$COMP_NAME/binaries   umask 0002 

 export COMP_NAME="xmlutil" # example, edit this!   export VERSION="1.1" # example, edit this! 

 cd /www/   mkdir excalibur-$COMP_NAME   cd excalibur-$COMP_NAME   ln -s ../excalibur/components/$COMP_NAME source   ln -s source binaries 

 # extract jarfiles into the 'jars' directory   mkdir jars   unzip binaries/$COMP_NAME-$ '*.jar' -d jars 

useful might be a script like this:

 === ==== 

 #!/bin/sh   #   # Make linking a little easier   #   # usage: componentname version   #   export COMP_NAME=$1   export VERSION=$2 

 echo building new-style structure for $COMP_NAME version $VERSION ... 

 cd /www/   mkdir excalibur-$COMP_NAME   cd excalibur-$COMP_NAME   ln -s ../excalibur/components/$COMP_NAME source   ln -s source binaries 

 # extract jarfiles into the 'jars' directory   mkdir jars   unzip binaries/$COMP_NAME-$ '*.jar' -d jars 

 # cleanup   unset COMP_NAME   unset VERSION 

2) just place the files in the new location

 ssh   cd /www/   mkdir -p excalibur-$COMP_NAME/source   cd excalibur-$COMP_NAME   ln -s source binaries   mkdir jars   unzip binaries/$COMP_NAME-$ '*.jar' -d jars 

New release for an existing component

in the event that you're doing a new release of something that was already released, life is a bit easier. You'll likely just want to upload the files like before to avalon/excalibur/components/, then do

 cd /www/$COMP_NAME   unzip binaries/$COMP_NAME-$ '*.jar' -d jars 

Easy urls for the latest distro's

Not yet implemented for excalibur, but we should. For a particular subproject, have a symlink to the latest distribution files in binaries/ and source/ in the base directory, then symlink to those files, replacing the version with 'latest':

 #!/bin/sh   #   # usage: groupname distname version   export GROUPNAME=$1   export DISTNAME=$2   export VERSION=$3 

 cd /www/$GROUPNAME   ln -s binaries/$DISTNAME-$VERSION-bin* .   ln -s source/$DISTNAME-$VERSION-src* .   ln -s $DISTNAME-$ $   ln -s $DISTNAME-$ $   ln -s $DISTNAME-$ $   ln -s $DISTNAME-$ $   ln -s $DISTNAME-$VERSION-src.tar.gz $DISTNAME-latest-src.tar.gz   ln -s $DISTNAME-$VERSION-bin.tar.gz $DISTNAME-latest-bin.tar.gz   ln -s $DISTNAME-$VERSION-src.tar.gz.asc $DISTNAME-latest-src.tar.gz.asc   ln -s $DISTNAME-$VERSION-bin.tar.gz.asc $DISTNAME-latest-bin.tar.gz.asc 

Sample usage

 ssh   umask 0002 framework Avalon 4.1.5 

Hope that's enough info!

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